Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/25/10

Not a whole lot to go over this week but the break it gave my wallet was much appreciated.

First up is Teen Titans #86. Still not wowing me despite the new developments in the story and the second feature is thankfully almost over. Like I said before I am going to hang around to check out the up coming changes with Damien showing up and what not but if there is no improvement, going to have to cut the book loose.

Moving over to one of my new favorite DC books, we have Justice League: Generation Lost #8. Continuing to love everything about this book! The story, the characters, the art, the humor; all are top notch. A fun DC book that readers, both new and old can enjoy.

Lastly the pick of the week comes from Marvel with one of their oldest characters back in his own series, Namor: The First Mutant #1. Wasn't sure I was picking it up till I flipped through it at the shop (Amazing Fantasy Books and Comics in Tinley Park, Illinois for those of you not in the now) and saw Ariel Olivetti's art. Enjoyed his work on some of the Punisher comics I've read but I think he really shines drawing Namor and underwater vampires in this book. Also, I've always had for the character, probably because I love how he is constantly angry and acts superior to everyone (reminds me of a younger me, perhaps even a few years older me.) Add that together plus its relation to whats going on in X-Men and I am sold for at least the near future.

That's all folks. Next week looks to have not many more books so hopefully I review alot of my stuff from Wizard World Chicago.

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