Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/4/10

Posting a little late again this week but better late than never besides. So without further into lets get into another solid week of comics, well half solid half flacid.

First up this week is New Mutants Forever #1 of 5 from Marvel. I love the idea of these "forever" books where they tell a story set in the past as opposed to the current comics continuity and I enjoy Al Rio and Bob McLeod's art on this book. That said I will not be picking up the next issue as I can't stand how Chris Claremont writes anymore! Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for where this man brought the X-books and his story ideas but everything I have read from him recently has been all expository and no emotion. The characters all fall flat while explaining everything they are doing instead of having normal conversations, almost like Claremont no longer trusts the artist to have any effect on the story. I would love to give it one more issue but I no exactly how it is going to be written so I will have to pass.

Next up is a double feature of Marvel's best current couple, Hawkeye and Mocking Bird #2 and #3. Finally found a complete #2 just as pulled #3 off the shelves and I am still really enjoying this book. It could be that the Lopez and Lopez combination on pencils and inks are doing a phenomenal job or that Jim McCann's story is easy to get into for fans (both new and old) of this dynamic couple, but I like to think it is a little of both. You might want to wait for the trade however if your not a fan of cliff hangers since this book leaves you with a new one every month, keeping you anxiously waiting for the next one.

Jumping over to the Ultimate Marvel Universe we have Ultimate Avengers 2 #6. The final issue of this volume doesn't overly impress but it does leave some hope for the future of the book. The ending line was pretty good though and I did enjoy them setting Hawkeye up for hopefully a bigger part in the next volume. Ultimate Avengers 3 #1 comes out tomorrow so I will be picking it up to see where they go from here. Hoping for some more action or at least better story pacing, Steve Dillion taking over the pencils, and Ultimate Blade.

Last from Marvel was an impulse pick off the shelves, Marvel Univerese vs. The Punisher #1 of 4. Basic premise is the film version of "I Am Legend" substituting Frank Castle for Will Smith. That said I enjoyed it and will keep picking it up. Being told mostly through Punisher's Journal this first issue gives us a brief story of how the world got to the way it is, why he himself is immune, and some gruesomely awesome panels. Not expecting anything remarkable out of this comic but I think it will be a fun ride.

Over at DC the first book of the week is JSA All-Stars #9, which is going to be my last issue. Just not getting the same enjoyment I am used to getting out of the JSA. I love these characters, like this art, but the story is just not there. That and this being a $3.99 book makes it a pretty easy decision to leave behind.

Moving to a better entry from DC we have Red Robin #15. The Hit List continues as Tim crosses off one more name, implements a drastic plan to keep the bat family identities from Vicky Vale, and and a not so friendly face returns with hopes of putting Red Robin down for good. The art and story are both a great fit for a Robin book and I think they will be keeping it up for a while.

Last book from DC is our bi-weekly dose of light, Brightest Day # 7. This issue answers why everyone was brought back but not with out adding a few new questions. Now that the pacing has picked up a bit I am really enjoying this book and the art is still solid. Now if they could just find room for Maxwell Lord and Osiris every week I would have no complaints.

Over at IDW it is getting quite bloody looking for good ole' Bill in Kill Shakespeare #4. Hamlet and Falstaff meet up with Juliet and Othello just in time to all be caught by Iago and King Richard's men, sure enough a bloody melee ensues. If I wasn't hooked after the first three issues this one definitely sealed the deal, with full marks across the board. So much so, that it was in close contention for pick of the week with the the next two books.

From the Icon imprint we have Casanova #2. This witty/sci-fi/spy/thriller keeps the ball rolling in its second issue. With Gabriel Ba's pencils and Matt Fraction's script I am sold on this one for the long haul. International intrigue mixed with a slight dash of inter-universal incest is a winning combination.

The bloody conclusion and pick of the week should come as no surprise, Crossed: Family Values #3 from Avatar Press. I am pretty sure this is the most graphic, main-stream comic in existence! That said as much as you want to look away, you can't. Amazingly drawn by Javier Barreno, I could look at this gore fest all day as long as David Lapham's compelling story was their to guide it. In the past I have gone into the length about how this comic is more than just blood and guts but socially conscious so I won't rehash that here. I do have to say again though, if you can stomach it this is one of the best books out there! That is for comics this week but I do have a few more pick ups, one that just got here today.

First off is the VHS/DVD combo of "The House of the Devil". Already reviewed the film here but I had to pick up this awesome set from Amazon. Can't wait for a rainy night to plug this one in the old VCR. Last entry is a classic from the wal-mart $5 bin, The Machinist. One of Christian Bale's films that really shows his acting chops as well as his dedication to a part. Maybe if his rants came while filming this film, he would have gotten more of a pass on it.

Well that is all for this week. Leave your comments, book suggestions, grammar corrections, and hate mail below. Later.

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