Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/25/10

Not a whole lot to go over this week but the break it gave my wallet was much appreciated.

First up is Teen Titans #86. Still not wowing me despite the new developments in the story and the second feature is thankfully almost over. Like I said before I am going to hang around to check out the up coming changes with Damien showing up and what not but if there is no improvement, going to have to cut the book loose.

Moving over to one of my new favorite DC books, we have Justice League: Generation Lost #8. Continuing to love everything about this book! The story, the characters, the art, the humor; all are top notch. A fun DC book that readers, both new and old can enjoy.

Lastly the pick of the week comes from Marvel with one of their oldest characters back in his own series, Namor: The First Mutant #1. Wasn't sure I was picking it up till I flipped through it at the shop (Amazing Fantasy Books and Comics in Tinley Park, Illinois for those of you not in the now) and saw Ariel Olivetti's art. Enjoyed his work on some of the Punisher comics I've read but I think he really shines drawing Namor and underwater vampires in this book. Also, I've always had for the character, probably because I love how he is constantly angry and acts superior to everyone (reminds me of a younger me, perhaps even a few years older me.) Add that together plus its relation to whats going on in X-Men and I am sold for at least the near future.

That's all folks. Next week looks to have not many more books so hopefully I review alot of my stuff from Wizard World Chicago.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coming Soon: The People vs. George Lucas (2010)

The highlight of my Wizard World Chicago Comic Con experience this year by far was getting to see an awesome documentary making the festival rounds currently, The People vs. George Lucas. This doc humorously examines the controversial (geek) issue of George Lucas' crimes against his fan base (the special editions, the prequels, the merchandising, etc.)

Taking an unbiased view in this war, the film takes playful jabs at the fans who have become more than obsessed with the Star Wars mythos as well as George himself who has fueled the fan hatred for himself on more than one occasion. Covering everything from the the original trilogy not being released for this generation (dvds/blu-rays) to why this man has inspired so many only now to be despised by a lot of them, this popcorn documentary takes a look at something real with out being to serious making it accessible to everyone, not just us Star Wars nerds.

On the technical side this documentary also does something a little bit different, hopefully to be seen more in the future. Back in 2007 when the film began production a website was set up to build buzz as well as accept footage from Star Wars fans around the world to be included in the film. So in addition to showing the opinions of people like nerd-film critic Chris Gore and famous author Neil Gaiman the viewer is treated to the rants and recreations of tons of fans.

The People vs. George Lucas is a brilliant 5 out 5 stars in my opinion. Engages the audience, makes them laugh while thinking, and delivers a complete film. I highly recommend checking this film out if you get the chance, even if you aren't a huge Star Wars fan this film will help you see what all the hype is about. At the comic con screening, we also got to enjoy a worthwhile Q and A session with Director Alexandre O. Philippe and producer Robert Muratore, who both really showed a passion to the film and subject matter so much so that I will definitely be checking out what ever they get into next. So go see the film if it makes it a festival around you and if not add it to your netflix queue or amazon wish list immediately so you get to it on dvd when it makes it there.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/18/10

Still back logged from Wizard World Chicago but I was finally able to finish last weeks books.

First up is Brightest Day #8. Spectacular art as usual but more of slow burn issue focusing on Martian Manhunter and the Hawks. While I didn't enjoy it as much as the last couple, I do see the necessity in advancing these stories in one lump some to advance the all encompassing story. Looking forward to the next issue in two weeks which will feature the return of Black Manta, although I have read very little involving the character I always liked him for some reason.

Next we head off world with Green Lantern Corps #51, a Brightest Day tie-in. I can't get enough of Adrian Syaf's art in this book, he is really knocking it out of the park each month. On the story side Bedard is holding is own as well making me anxiously await the final chapter of Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns. He just better not pull what he did on Exiles and lure me in with some good stories only to end up killing off a great in a weak story.

Heading into DC's future we have Batman Beyond #3 of 6. Still an awesome read! Love everything about returning to the Beyond world, the new characters as well as some old friends including one I don't was ever featured in the TV show. Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin are putting out an awesome mini, hopefully sales will convince DC to make it a regular monthly. Can't recommend this enough if you liked Batman Beyond when it was on.

Over as Bongo Comics, we have Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #2 of 5. Not as much of a laugh out loud issue at the first one but it was still descent. Next issue looks like its going to pick back up though with a geek/nerd civil war.

First up from Marvel is Secret Avengers #4. The conclusion to Secret Histories and what a fantastic one it is. Brubaker and Deodato Jr. are handling this motley crew of characters very well and are keeping me coming back for more each issue. Also looking forward to finding out more about this Thorndrake character.

In 28 Days Lat... I mean Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #2 of 4, Frank takes down one heavy hitter only to be visited by the dreaded "Patient Zero". An fun read despite it similarities to other stories.

Starting off the X-books and making its first appearance on the blog is Wolverine: Weapon X #16. Not a series I am regularly reading but this issue is a stand alone story focusing on Wolverine dealing with Nightcrawler's death. Examines their odd couple friendship over the years in a delightful manner, really glad I ended up picking it up.

Up next is Uncanny X-Men #527. Keeping the awesomeness rolling from Second Coming Uncanny is building its way back up to one of my favorite X-books (despite still being behind the pick of the week.) Art and story are both great with Terry Dodson's covers complimenting both quite well. Looking forward to finding out what Shaw is up to.

Pick of the week is New Mutants #16 written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Leonard Kirk. This issue tells the origins of General Ulysses and his unit, why they were limbo in the first place, and how they ended up stranded their for 26 years. Love this little back story issue and looking forward to where they are going from here. Was also pleased to see that it tied in to X-Infernus a little bit but not to much to throw of someone who never read that mini. If you kept reading one X-book after Second Coming, I sure hope this was it.

Well that is it for this week but I should have a lot more posts up in the next few days covering all that was Wizard World Chicago, except for Blaggo's hair. Leave some feedback or suggestions below if you feel like it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/11/10

Not a huge stack this week but do to a busy weekend posting this a little late once again. Hope either next week or the week after I will get back to a regular posting, somewhere between Sunday and Monday night. To make up for that however I have arranged this week's comics in perfect order for overlapping segues!

First up is ultra foxy and graphic X-Force: Sex+Violence #2 of 3. After dispensing with their attackers from the end of last issue, Domino comes clean about the whole reason they are after her which leads to Wolverine and her shacking up. Reallying digging this mini series. Perfectly self con tainted from the rest of the X-Universe and shows in spectacular detail the blood, gore, and sex the other X-books only hint at to remain available for most ages. Not an X-Men comic you would give to a child but a fun read for the older fans. SPOILER: Wolverine and Domino don't have as much class as Batman and Black Canary, they take the costume and masks off.

Staying in the X-World we move over to X-Men #2, Curse of the Vampires Part 2. A good issue but I (among others from what I've read) find Blade not hesitant enough about a crazy scheme to take down vampires. Art is still a bit fun and dark, a good mixture for the plot, and it should be an interesting ride to see exactly how this "plan" works. One complaint though with this being billed as the book that puts the X-Men in more of the mainstream Marvel U, it actually just lumps it in with the another sectioned off part ala Vampires.

Making the switch from Blade hunting down vampires to Ultimate Blade doing so we have Ultimate Avengers 3 #1. I am digging Steve Dillion art on this season... I mean volume a lot more than Leinil Yu's from the last volume. Story-wise it has picked up a lot (but I have always dug the vampire stuff as opposed to Ghost Rider) and it should be interesting to see if the people shown as vamps/bitten by vamps in this issue remain so.

Jumping through universes, dimensions, and time we have Booster Gold #35. What can I say, I am loving the funny and old-school adventuring feel of this book. A DC fastball special, yet another person realizing this isn't the right Booster from this time period, and a gun that hurls moons are just a few of the fantastic elements that make this book a must read. While I didn't really get into Booster Gold till these last couple years I picture this as the type of comic JLI was and why people liked it so much.

Going on another adventure with the man in blue and gold we move over to Justice League: Generation Lost #7, a Brightest Day tie-in. A perfect double feature with the previous comic, the crew attempt to infiltrate the CHECKMATE headquarters but of course they seem to lack the A-Team factor where the plan comes together. Just another solid, funny book with Max Lord as the perfect villain.

Sticking with Brightest Day, we have it's latest tie in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1. Great GL style art, excellent inking from Cam Smith, mixed with a ominous first issue makes for an interesting new Lantern book. Will definitely be adding it to the regular rotation, mostly for the art but also to see where this mission takes Guy, Ganthet, Atrocitus, and hopefully Sodam Yat.

Hoping over to one of my favorite comic double features we have Vertigo's The Unwritten #16. Bringing some of the resolution we have been looking for since the beginning of the book, it also tacks on a few new questions for the future. Can't say enough great things about this book! Art is great with fantastic covers such as this one and the story just sucks you in. Also another great page full of fictional Internet articles and social networking about the events, I always love that in a comic for some reason.

Part two of the Vertigo double feature and pick of the week is Daytripper #9 (tear, tear, only one issue left.) What can I wrote that I haven't already, I love this book! Phenomenal art, themes, story, characters, etc. I can't wait till this is collected so I can force everyone I know to read it easily. The final issue will be interesting though, with the issue almost seeming like the perfect ending. While that is it for comics, one additional pick up was made which I talked about in my last post.

Got an awesome Blu-Ray/DVD combo in the mail from Oscilloscope Labs, The Messenger. Last post has my more complete thoughts about the film and distribution company but in short I love them both, check them out if you get a chance. That is it for this week but next week is sure to be a monster stack with all my weekly books and all the goodies I pick up at Wizard World Chicago. Might do a post about the event itself as well, hoping to see some awesome films, get into great panels, and see some great cos-play. I will be going as Shadowcat.

Just kidding...

but seriously I will be.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

REVIEWFLIX: The Messenger (2009)

(Kind of cheated on this one since I didn't watch it through netflix but the my recent purchase of it. Thought I would still include it under this though since it is available instantly on netflix.)

The Messenger is a smaller film from last year that was one of my favorites. I have been meaning to revisit it for a while but kept putting it of till I broke down and added it to my collection recently.

The Messenger tells the story of recently returned, from Iraq, soldier Staff Sergeant William Montgomery (Ben Foster) and his new assignment in the Army's causality notification service. Paired up with Captain Tony Stone (Woody Harrelson), to learn from the best the film, they proceed due their duty and inform soldier's loved ones of their deaths. From the very first time we see them in action, however, the difficulty and toll of this job become apparent.

Telling the side of the war we to often glance over in the newspaper without a second thought, this film delivers a hard hitting and much needed emotional punch to the face. Every time they deliver the a death notice it becomes abundantly clear the real cost of and war, and how unprepared everyone is for it. Oren Moverman, co-writer and first time director, gives the viewers a powerful and affecting film (and message) that remains impartial to any one political leaning. The themes and message of this film are almost out shown though by the brilliant acting of all those involved.

Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson both deliver what is arguably the best performances of their respective careers. In supporting roles Samantha Morton and Steve Buscemi also potray convincing characters as family members of the deceased. Couple all this with great stylistic choices such as going to hand held cams when they deliver the news and brilliant use of light and shadow in Will's apartment, this one is a complete film to me.

I gave it a 5 out of 5 when I originally saw it and this second viewing has only added to my enjoyment of the film. Although this screening was infinitely more comfortable in my own home, (Advice: Never see a film in the second/back up screen at The Music Box Theater in Chicago, while they show excellent films the set up is akin to metal folding chairs in front of a big screen tv) I recommend seeing it in a theater if you ever get the chance.

Just as a little aside and plug for the company, this film was the first film I saw by my favorite fiilm distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories. Headlined by Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys this company continues to pick some of the best smaller features or independent films out there and market them with the same creative passion in which they were made. Although I still haven't seen a lot of their films, the ones I have seen are phenomenal with this film and Dear Zachary particularly standing out and I am anxiously awaiting DVD or nearby theatrical releases of The Exploding Girl and I Knew It Was You. If you get the chance, check out their films. You are bound to find a few you will love, and a lot of them are streaming instantly on netflix for you to watch right now. And to you DVD collectors out there all of the ones available from them are on par with Criterion Editions, so be sure to pick up a few.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/4/10

Posting a little late again this week but better late than never besides. So without further into lets get into another solid week of comics, well half solid half flacid.

First up this week is New Mutants Forever #1 of 5 from Marvel. I love the idea of these "forever" books where they tell a story set in the past as opposed to the current comics continuity and I enjoy Al Rio and Bob McLeod's art on this book. That said I will not be picking up the next issue as I can't stand how Chris Claremont writes anymore! Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for where this man brought the X-books and his story ideas but everything I have read from him recently has been all expository and no emotion. The characters all fall flat while explaining everything they are doing instead of having normal conversations, almost like Claremont no longer trusts the artist to have any effect on the story. I would love to give it one more issue but I no exactly how it is going to be written so I will have to pass.

Next up is a double feature of Marvel's best current couple, Hawkeye and Mocking Bird #2 and #3. Finally found a complete #2 just as pulled #3 off the shelves and I am still really enjoying this book. It could be that the Lopez and Lopez combination on pencils and inks are doing a phenomenal job or that Jim McCann's story is easy to get into for fans (both new and old) of this dynamic couple, but I like to think it is a little of both. You might want to wait for the trade however if your not a fan of cliff hangers since this book leaves you with a new one every month, keeping you anxiously waiting for the next one.

Jumping over to the Ultimate Marvel Universe we have Ultimate Avengers 2 #6. The final issue of this volume doesn't overly impress but it does leave some hope for the future of the book. The ending line was pretty good though and I did enjoy them setting Hawkeye up for hopefully a bigger part in the next volume. Ultimate Avengers 3 #1 comes out tomorrow so I will be picking it up to see where they go from here. Hoping for some more action or at least better story pacing, Steve Dillion taking over the pencils, and Ultimate Blade.

Last from Marvel was an impulse pick off the shelves, Marvel Univerese vs. The Punisher #1 of 4. Basic premise is the film version of "I Am Legend" substituting Frank Castle for Will Smith. That said I enjoyed it and will keep picking it up. Being told mostly through Punisher's Journal this first issue gives us a brief story of how the world got to the way it is, why he himself is immune, and some gruesomely awesome panels. Not expecting anything remarkable out of this comic but I think it will be a fun ride.

Over at DC the first book of the week is JSA All-Stars #9, which is going to be my last issue. Just not getting the same enjoyment I am used to getting out of the JSA. I love these characters, like this art, but the story is just not there. That and this being a $3.99 book makes it a pretty easy decision to leave behind.

Moving to a better entry from DC we have Red Robin #15. The Hit List continues as Tim crosses off one more name, implements a drastic plan to keep the bat family identities from Vicky Vale, and and a not so friendly face returns with hopes of putting Red Robin down for good. The art and story are both a great fit for a Robin book and I think they will be keeping it up for a while.

Last book from DC is our bi-weekly dose of light, Brightest Day # 7. This issue answers why everyone was brought back but not with out adding a few new questions. Now that the pacing has picked up a bit I am really enjoying this book and the art is still solid. Now if they could just find room for Maxwell Lord and Osiris every week I would have no complaints.

Over at IDW it is getting quite bloody looking for good ole' Bill in Kill Shakespeare #4. Hamlet and Falstaff meet up with Juliet and Othello just in time to all be caught by Iago and King Richard's men, sure enough a bloody melee ensues. If I wasn't hooked after the first three issues this one definitely sealed the deal, with full marks across the board. So much so, that it was in close contention for pick of the week with the the next two books.

From the Icon imprint we have Casanova #2. This witty/sci-fi/spy/thriller keeps the ball rolling in its second issue. With Gabriel Ba's pencils and Matt Fraction's script I am sold on this one for the long haul. International intrigue mixed with a slight dash of inter-universal incest is a winning combination.

The bloody conclusion and pick of the week should come as no surprise, Crossed: Family Values #3 from Avatar Press. I am pretty sure this is the most graphic, main-stream comic in existence! That said as much as you want to look away, you can't. Amazingly drawn by Javier Barreno, I could look at this gore fest all day as long as David Lapham's compelling story was their to guide it. In the past I have gone into the length about how this comic is more than just blood and guts but socially conscious so I won't rehash that here. I do have to say again though, if you can stomach it this is one of the best books out there! That is for comics this week but I do have a few more pick ups, one that just got here today.

First off is the VHS/DVD combo of "The House of the Devil". Already reviewed the film here but I had to pick up this awesome set from Amazon. Can't wait for a rainy night to plug this one in the old VCR. Last entry is a classic from the wal-mart $5 bin, The Machinist. One of Christian Bale's films that really shows his acting chops as well as his dedication to a part. Maybe if his rants came while filming this film, he would have gotten more of a pass on it.

Well that is all for this week. Leave your comments, book suggestions, grammar corrections, and hate mail below. Later.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

REVIEWFLIX: 11 Minutes Ago (2007)

Once again found my self paroozing through the Netflix Instant options on my xbox 360 (this blog is wishfully sponsored by both) and came across this little indie gem. Saw the interesting poster, read the words time travel, and I dove right in.

This film follows the time traveling exploits of Pack, a man from 48 years in the future sent back to get a clean air sample, the catch being he can only remain in the past for 11 minutes and he keeps coming back to one particular night. To add to the confusion, his travels aren't occurring in sequential order but rather a purposeful one. Pulling time travel out of the sci-fi and more into the world of drama is handled expertly by Bob Gebert; who directed, wrote, produced, and co-starred in this film. Shot on a small budget, and amazingly in one day, this film embodies the aspect of indie films I love the most, making an awesome film with little means and a lot of determination.

Not to be just a one trick pony though the story and cinematography are likewise great. The story is beautifully cater to the shooting in one day or possibly the other way around depending on your point of view. Cinematography must have been a nightmare to coordinate but it came out great with each scene or time-tumble keeping the film moving and never losing step. Acting and great music choice also add to the allure of the film with out trying to stand out but sidle into your memory.

Overall giving this one a 4 out of 5, one hell of film. Looks like it is only on Netflix Instant for now (link in the title) since there is no official dvd, hopefully soon their will be. Watch the film, tell people about, and if you have access to a time machine go back in time and make me watch this film sooner.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

REVIEWFLIX: The House of the Devil (2009)

(The latest film I checked out from Netflix, title links to it on there and this one is available for instant gratification.)

Was a little bored on Sunday night so I browsed the netflix instant queue (a process that takes a minimum of 15 minutes since I have to look at everything there and what is new) and found this little gem. It is one that had been sitting in the regular queue for a while so I kept putting it off but finally sat down and watched it after its move to the instant. WARNING: Reading the rest of this review, you will be willingly subjecting yourself to me gushing with delight over this horror film.

The plot is pretty basic as are a lot of horror films. A teenage girl is hired as a babysitter and the circumstances as well as the house she is in gets weirder and weirder. The true brilliance of the film lies in the homage it pays to the horror films of the 70s and 80s. Beginning with credits styled in the fashion of the time, freeze frames with colorful letters, the film takes you back to a simpler time, when a horror film stood for something ;) Props, costumes, buildings, hairstyles, and even food look spectacular in this period piece. Supplemented by the great compositions, song choices, and 16 mm film the movie leaves very little evidence of it being made in 2009. Not only does this film look the part, but it nails the feeling as well.

Suspense and pacing are perfect, getting the viewer to jump at every phone or doorbell ringing. Not to be totally predictable though, the film throws an early surprise or two in there to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Lighting was excellent, something a lot of current horror films seem to neglect entirely. Acting isn't the greatest but isn't the worst either, just adding more to the film's devilish charm.

Ti West wearing the director, writer, and editor's hats delivers a fully realized vision of an 80s horror film to a modern audience. 5 out 5 stars for me although if you don't enjoy horror films you probably won't like this one either. I recommend everyone old enough check it out anyway though, it is worth the price of admission to take a hop back in time to the early 80s.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 7/28/10

Greeting again my comic book nerd friends, nice improvement over last week's books. Also got a few other pickups this week, so lets get to it.

Starting off we have Teen Titans #85. Art is solid, not the best work ever on titans but still enjoyable. The story has improved a little bit, just enough for me to stick it out till a creative team change in issue #88 and Damien Wayne showing up. The second feature is getting worse in my opinion. Not only have I lost practically all interest in the story but the art has deteriorated. Hopefully that ends soon and we get a price cut or they get a better second feature.

Next up is Brightest Day/Green Lantern double feature with Green Lantern #56 and Green Lantern Corps #50. A lot of cool stuff going on in GL proper. Larfleeze is back and trying to get on a certain some one's good list, Saint Walker gives The Question some hope, and Hector Hammond finds a new friend in Ophidian (the avarice entity). Doug Mahnke put some solid work into this issue, with all the constructs and entities looking spectacular. Green Lantern Corps was the better GL book of the week but I am bias towards Kyle and Cyborg Superman so that could be the reasoning. I am really enjoying Bedard's Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns story arc, matched with Syaf's pencils it really is one of the top DC books for me right now. Could this finally be the time Henshaw gets his wish? I doubt it but he is always a fun/sadistic character to see in action.

Last DC book of the week is Brightest Day Justice League Generation Lost #6. Interesting little tale set a few issues previous when Captain Atom absorbs an explosion. Loved this issue for helping me to understand Captain Atom a little bit more. Never read much of his history (brief retelling of it here) so he has always seemed a bit one dimensional and this issue really expanded him a bit.. Art is sweet as well keeping this book at the top of my Brightest Day tie ins.

Next up is another $1 preview from Radical Comics, The Rising. Art is pretty much the usual fare from Radical but still pretty enjoyable. The gist of this one is an alien race has come to earth and "helped us" by pretty much taking over with pockets of human resistance (including our protagonist) here and there. Somewhat of a generic sci-fi story but the dialogue about religion, god, and Darwin got me really involved. This three issue mini starts up in early 2011 and I think I will be checking it out.

Moving over the Marvel Universe we have a double feature from our favorite merry mutants. First up is Uncanny X-Men #526. Great issue! Coming off the heels of Second Coming, Hope goes looking for her biological family and starts meeting with the five lights (the five new mutants that appeared on Cerebro at the end of second coming.) Also featured a back up tale that acts as a prologue to the first issue of Avengers: The Children's Crusade. Art is solid on both (coming from Whilce Portacio and Oliver Coipel respectively.) Looks like Uncanny might be returning to its rightful place as the flagship title of the X-Books. Part 2 comes from X-Men Legacy #236. To be honest the book left me a bit colder than the rest of the X-stuff since Second Coming. It seems to just be the combination of not caring much about Rogue (the main character in the book), a story that has potential but could also suck, and art that is just ok. I will probably check out the next issue but so far this is looking to be cut from the list.

Last entry from Marvel is Secret Avengers #3. Have to say, I am enjoying this book more than I have enjoyed an Avengers book in quite a while. Story and art are both phenomenal so far and neither shows signs of slowing down. Looking at this character line up months ago I would have never guessed I would be loving this book. While I am normally not a huge fan of the intergalactic happening in comics (except for the Shi'ar) this one is totally drawing me in. Highly recommend checking out the first couple issues even if you don't think it sounded like something you would normally read from the previews.

Heading over to Vertigo we have American Vampire #5. Both tales come to somewhat of a conclusion while still leaving plenty of room for the book to continue. Rafael Albuquerque's distinct bloody art for each tale continues to wow, while Snyder and King's tales finally catch up teach other. Can't wait to see what comes next from American Vampire.

Finally, pick of the week is the final issue of 7 Psychopaths from Boom! Studios. Epic conclusion to this three part mini-series. Yeah, some aspects of the ending were predictable but the ride getting there was a great one. Disbursed through out Germany each psycho attempts to kill Hitler in their own way, meeting with quite a few interesting results. Pick this up when it comes out collected, I think I might just so it will be easier to let people borrow

That's it for regular comic this week but I have quite a few other pickups to discuss.

Starting us off is the first volume of Scott Pilgrim. Really enjoyed it and I plan on trying to read the rest before seeing the film but we will see how successful I am at that. Filled with tons of laughs and a few panels I can't wait to see on the big screen. Hopefully the film does not pull a Kick-Ass and lose its awesomeness.

Next is The Walking Dead vol. 12. Don't even know where to start with this one, just another solid volume from Kirkman and the crew. If you haven't checked out The Walking Dead, stop reading this and do so immediately! For those of you who have, you know you can't wait to read this latest volume as well.

Going back to Vertigo (can't get enough of this imprint) we have graphic novel title The Alcoholic. Did a review for it already on the blog so check that out if you want to know more, a solid read.

Last up is the two Blu-Rays I got from Barnes & Noble's Criterion sale, both at half price! Chungking Express is an interesting little film out of Hong Kong that I was turned on to in college. Can't wait to watch this newly restored version with updated subtitles. The film that really put Wong Kar-wai in the international spotlight. Second film is Hunger, a 2008 film out of the UK that examines the life of and IRA member in prison. A pretty powerful film if you have the patience for it (there is one dialogue scene between two character that last around a half an hour), this is probably the best film I have seen on the Irish Republican Army (of which I have seen more than my fair share.) Both films have great cinematography and are packing some special features I am looking forward to checking out.

Well, that's all folks. Come back for more soon and be sure to tell your friends who would also be interested in reading fair to poor comic reviews riddled with terrible grammar. (I actually misspelled "grammar" just now, wow.) Leave some comments below with questions, suggestions, or rants.