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Wednesday Pickups 8/11/10

Not a huge stack this week but do to a busy weekend posting this a little late once again. Hope either next week or the week after I will get back to a regular posting, somewhere between Sunday and Monday night. To make up for that however I have arranged this week's comics in perfect order for overlapping segues!

First up is ultra foxy and graphic X-Force: Sex+Violence #2 of 3. After dispensing with their attackers from the end of last issue, Domino comes clean about the whole reason they are after her which leads to Wolverine and her shacking up. Reallying digging this mini series. Perfectly self con tainted from the rest of the X-Universe and shows in spectacular detail the blood, gore, and sex the other X-books only hint at to remain available for most ages. Not an X-Men comic you would give to a child but a fun read for the older fans. SPOILER: Wolverine and Domino don't have as much class as Batman and Black Canary, they take the costume and masks off.

Staying in the X-World we move over to X-Men #2, Curse of the Vampires Part 2. A good issue but I (among others from what I've read) find Blade not hesitant enough about a crazy scheme to take down vampires. Art is still a bit fun and dark, a good mixture for the plot, and it should be an interesting ride to see exactly how this "plan" works. One complaint though with this being billed as the book that puts the X-Men in more of the mainstream Marvel U, it actually just lumps it in with the another sectioned off part ala Vampires.

Making the switch from Blade hunting down vampires to Ultimate Blade doing so we have Ultimate Avengers 3 #1. I am digging Steve Dillion art on this season... I mean volume a lot more than Leinil Yu's from the last volume. Story-wise it has picked up a lot (but I have always dug the vampire stuff as opposed to Ghost Rider) and it should be interesting to see if the people shown as vamps/bitten by vamps in this issue remain so.

Jumping through universes, dimensions, and time we have Booster Gold #35. What can I say, I am loving the funny and old-school adventuring feel of this book. A DC fastball special, yet another person realizing this isn't the right Booster from this time period, and a gun that hurls moons are just a few of the fantastic elements that make this book a must read. While I didn't really get into Booster Gold till these last couple years I picture this as the type of comic JLI was and why people liked it so much.

Going on another adventure with the man in blue and gold we move over to Justice League: Generation Lost #7, a Brightest Day tie-in. A perfect double feature with the previous comic, the crew attempt to infiltrate the CHECKMATE headquarters but of course they seem to lack the A-Team factor where the plan comes together. Just another solid, funny book with Max Lord as the perfect villain.

Sticking with Brightest Day, we have it's latest tie in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1. Great GL style art, excellent inking from Cam Smith, mixed with a ominous first issue makes for an interesting new Lantern book. Will definitely be adding it to the regular rotation, mostly for the art but also to see where this mission takes Guy, Ganthet, Atrocitus, and hopefully Sodam Yat.

Hoping over to one of my favorite comic double features we have Vertigo's The Unwritten #16. Bringing some of the resolution we have been looking for since the beginning of the book, it also tacks on a few new questions for the future. Can't say enough great things about this book! Art is great with fantastic covers such as this one and the story just sucks you in. Also another great page full of fictional Internet articles and social networking about the events, I always love that in a comic for some reason.

Part two of the Vertigo double feature and pick of the week is Daytripper #9 (tear, tear, only one issue left.) What can I wrote that I haven't already, I love this book! Phenomenal art, themes, story, characters, etc. I can't wait till this is collected so I can force everyone I know to read it easily. The final issue will be interesting though, with the issue almost seeming like the perfect ending. While that is it for comics, one additional pick up was made which I talked about in my last post.

Got an awesome Blu-Ray/DVD combo in the mail from Oscilloscope Labs, The Messenger. Last post has my more complete thoughts about the film and distribution company but in short I love them both, check them out if you get a chance. That is it for this week but next week is sure to be a monster stack with all my weekly books and all the goodies I pick up at Wizard World Chicago. Might do a post about the event itself as well, hoping to see some awesome films, get into great panels, and see some great cos-play. I will be going as Shadowcat.

Just kidding...

but seriously I will be.

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