Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 8/18/10

Still back logged from Wizard World Chicago but I was finally able to finish last weeks books.

First up is Brightest Day #8. Spectacular art as usual but more of slow burn issue focusing on Martian Manhunter and the Hawks. While I didn't enjoy it as much as the last couple, I do see the necessity in advancing these stories in one lump some to advance the all encompassing story. Looking forward to the next issue in two weeks which will feature the return of Black Manta, although I have read very little involving the character I always liked him for some reason.

Next we head off world with Green Lantern Corps #51, a Brightest Day tie-in. I can't get enough of Adrian Syaf's art in this book, he is really knocking it out of the park each month. On the story side Bedard is holding is own as well making me anxiously await the final chapter of Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns. He just better not pull what he did on Exiles and lure me in with some good stories only to end up killing off a great in a weak story.

Heading into DC's future we have Batman Beyond #3 of 6. Still an awesome read! Love everything about returning to the Beyond world, the new characters as well as some old friends including one I don't was ever featured in the TV show. Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin are putting out an awesome mini, hopefully sales will convince DC to make it a regular monthly. Can't recommend this enough if you liked Batman Beyond when it was on.

Over as Bongo Comics, we have Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #2 of 5. Not as much of a laugh out loud issue at the first one but it was still descent. Next issue looks like its going to pick back up though with a geek/nerd civil war.

First up from Marvel is Secret Avengers #4. The conclusion to Secret Histories and what a fantastic one it is. Brubaker and Deodato Jr. are handling this motley crew of characters very well and are keeping me coming back for more each issue. Also looking forward to finding out more about this Thorndrake character.

In 28 Days Lat... I mean Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #2 of 4, Frank takes down one heavy hitter only to be visited by the dreaded "Patient Zero". An fun read despite it similarities to other stories.

Starting off the X-books and making its first appearance on the blog is Wolverine: Weapon X #16. Not a series I am regularly reading but this issue is a stand alone story focusing on Wolverine dealing with Nightcrawler's death. Examines their odd couple friendship over the years in a delightful manner, really glad I ended up picking it up.

Up next is Uncanny X-Men #527. Keeping the awesomeness rolling from Second Coming Uncanny is building its way back up to one of my favorite X-books (despite still being behind the pick of the week.) Art and story are both great with Terry Dodson's covers complimenting both quite well. Looking forward to finding out what Shaw is up to.

Pick of the week is New Mutants #16 written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Leonard Kirk. This issue tells the origins of General Ulysses and his unit, why they were limbo in the first place, and how they ended up stranded their for 26 years. Love this little back story issue and looking forward to where they are going from here. Was also pleased to see that it tied in to X-Infernus a little bit but not to much to throw of someone who never read that mini. If you kept reading one X-book after Second Coming, I sure hope this was it.

Well that is it for this week but I should have a lot more posts up in the next few days covering all that was Wizard World Chicago, except for Blaggo's hair. Leave some feedback or suggestions below if you feel like it.


  1. Argggggggh, people keep telling me how awesome Batman Beyond is . . . gonna have to check it out in trade