Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 9/1/10

Not a ton of books this week but all were pretty solid with no disappointments, which always makes for a good week.

Jumping right in with out only helping of DC this week, we have Brightest Day #9. Turning into solid book every other week, not sure if I just grew accustomed to the pace or they picked it up a bit but it works. Really liked the art and both main story lines of the issue (Martian Manhunter meeting up Smokey the Bear in guise of Green Arrow and Black Manta becoming Darth Vader) are getting better. Still not on the level of 52 but it is a good Bimonthly book none the less.

Next up is Five Days To Die #1 of 5 from IDW. An interesting Noiresque thriller in which our protagonist (Ray Crisara) gets a unofficial expiration date in the first issue. Really enjoyed the art (done by Chee, don't ask me) and looking forward to where the story goes. Hopefully we will get some more splash pages like the ones in this first issue, gorgeous destruction.

Over at Marvel we have a somewhat similar concept in 1 Month 2 Live #1 of 5, but takes it in a drastically different direction. After an being exposed to bio-hazardous materials Dennis Sykes seems to have only a short time left to live but on the plus sides, he seems to have developed a special power as a well. This book looks to feature a who's who of marvel characters and talent, hopefully making for a unique collaborative experience and not a train wreck. First issue was enough to keep me interested and eventually pick up #2, not to much more than that though. Looking forward to what the other writer's and artist's bring to the table.

From death to death to death, we head over to Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #3 of 4. We find out why Patient Zero wanted to meet with Frank and the story takes a few interesting turns at the end of the issue. I am enjoying this book, while it may not be the best one it is a fun little survivor tale. Some nice visuals in this issue from when the virus first broke out (except for Lady Deathstrike being drawn how she appeared in X-Men 2, that really bugged me for some reason.) Also wondering how this is all going to get wrapped up in the last issue, I am putting my money on a high body count.

Continuing out mini marathon of Marvel mini-series we have Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2 of 9. Still digging the book. In this issue, a bit of a battle ensues between friendlies (never saw it coming), another relative makes a quick appearance, and cliff hanger that definitely changed where I think the book is going. Only complaint is that Wolverine's character seems a little off but other than that, its a great read.

Moving over to Marvel's imprint Icon, we have Scarlet #2. Still really digging this book as well. The breaking of the fourth wall in this book just draws me in more than the comedy books its traditionally done it. Alex Maleev's art is gorgeously textured bringing out the grungy details of every person and location. Only second issue so still time to jump on this one before it takes off. Very close to being my pick of the week but the next title just barely edged it out.

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #4 is the top of the stack this week, and well deserved it is. Loving this book more and more each issue! A fun spy/action book that more people really need to check out. Jim McCann is handling ever character expertly while David Lopez's pencils glue your eyes to every page with their classic yet solid feel. Predicable? A bit, but that isn't always a bad thing. It keeps the book enjoyably entertaining rather than try to throw the reader off with multiple twists and shocking moments. If your a fan of either character or just in the market for a fun read I strongly urge you to give this dynamic duo a chance.

Well that is it for this week's books. Got tons of other posts I am working on so be on the lookout for those soon and better stack up on the snacks for next week's reviews, the list is currently at 13 books and could still rise.

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