Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 9/22/10

Not a ton of new pick ups this week but still a bunch of good reads. Decided to change up the usual routine this week and start with everything non-superhero.

First up is Image's latest fantasy tale Skull Kickers #1 by Jim Zubkavich, Chris Stevens, and Edwin Huang. Two nameless mercenaries, one a gun wielding barbarian the other a quick tempered dwarf, embark on a journey to well... have fun and get paid. Skull Kickers presents a fantasy tale with over the top humor and graphic cartoon-like battles, it has sucked me and had me laughing quite a bit. Looking forward to more of this series.

Also from Image, I finally decided to check out the $1 reprint of Chew #1. Being a series that has received critical acclaim in addition to being recommended by my friends, I tried to keep my expectations from getting to high on this one. In the end that didn't really matter since this book is awesome! Chew, written and lettered by John Layman while drawn and coloured by Rob Guillory, follows detective Tony Chu who has the unique ability of being a cibopathic, meaning anything he eats gives him information about where it came from. Gore, illegal chicken, great one liners make this book a must read especially at a dollar. Probably going to invest in the trades of the series when I get the chance as well.

Moving into are weekly duo of death, we have 5 Days to Die #4 of 5. Not much more to add about this series besides what I have covered over the past three weeks. Still loving the combination of story and art, and can not wait to read the finale next week. Part two of the duo is none other that 1 Month 2 Live #4 of 5. Same goes for this one, really covered it over the past three weeks leaving little more to say till its finished. Interesting moment towards the end of this issue when they stayed true and didn't take the easy way out but the finale issue is really going to make or break this one for me.

Heading into the capes and tights department we have Uncanny X-Men #528. Interesting developments in every story line, and even a new one or two, except for Hope's visit to the newest mutant. I really think Matt Fraction is doing good job of handling the X-Men stable in showcasing some people, giving others a minor appearance or two, and letting others stay in the rest of the x-books. Had some problems with some of Whilce Portacio's art (there is a panel or two where Emma looks very manly) but over all it was still enjoyable.

Next up from Marvel is Secret Avengers #5. This issue explains how Nick "Max" Fury got into bed with the Shadow Council that is out to take down Steve and his covert ops team. Really enjoyed the art collaborating artists David Aja, Michael Lark, and Stefano Gaudiano; it gave the book that old-school/spy story feel which is perfect for the character. The story was good once you read the entire issue, starting out it feels like one of a dozen Fury stories I have read in the past. Still loving this series, never been a huge Avengers fan but Ed Brubaker is turning that around in a hurry.

Venturing over to DC we have Green Lantern Corps #52. The conclusion of Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns wasn't as great as the rest of the arc but still descent. My big problem with it was how the story seemed to take the easy way out of the corner it had been written in to and gets a happy ending. I was kind of hoping for something big that would have a lasting impact on the characters but it kind of went the safe way. Ardian Syaf's art was still fantastic through and made up for a less than stellar ending.

This brings us to the pick of the week, Justice League: Generation Lost #10. If you read my comments before you know I love everything about this book and that just continues into this issue. Also, loving the way it is tying into past DC stories (ala Kingdom Come) even if that is probably more of an editorial decision that Winick's alone. Joe Bennett is still bringing his A-game with the art and this issue features a nice cover by Cliff Chiang. If your not reading this book, start immediately!

That's it for this week's books, leave comments/recommendations/critiques through the usual means.

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