Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Pickups 9/9/10

Huge bunch of books this week so lets jump right in.

First up is 5 Days To Die #2 of 5 from IDW. Continuing with the same black & white (and red) noir feel they started with, Andy Schmidt and Chee's tale of the dead and dying goes even further down the rabbit hole. These action scenes are spectacularly drawn and colored while the story gets darker and darker. I'm sold on the rest of the series but a smart man might wait for a trade since its only 5 issues.

Sticking with dying protagonists we have 1 Month 2 Live #2 of 5. Marvel opts go a different route and change up the creative team for each issue. Digging the art of Koi Turnball & Shawn Moll over that of the first issue's team. Not the best book out there but the story and art team changing are enough to keep me with the book for the remaining three issues. Still can't believe Marvel and IDW managed to put these similar concept books out at the same time, some one had to pull some shenanigans.

Getting into the regular books, we start with Ultimate Avengers 3 #2. While Steve Dillion's art is better than that of (season) 2, it still doesn't have that "Ultimate U feel" in my opinion. The solid, bright colors just seem to go against what the universe and this book are primarily about. I am still sticking on the book however since the story line is grabbing me with everyone turning into a vampire, now if only they manage to keep them that way it would be a true ultimate universe.

As for my review of X-Men #3 a lot of the same comments can be copied and pasted, except about the art. Enjoying this art for the X-Men: Curse of the Mutants storyline, had the right mix of color for varying personnel and locations and makes some really dynamic panels pop that much more. I am a little worried the story is just for event shock and awe, and will have no lasting effects what so ever but I guess we will have to wait and see on this one.

Staying with our favorite mutants we have X-Force: Sex + Violence #3 of 3. Think I wrote it pretty clearly in the review of the last two issues, but I love every thing about this mini. The art, story, covers, dialogue, sex appeal, ect are all of the charts for awesomeness. Seems like a fitting good bye to this X-Force and time to start praying that Deadpool doesn't make me hate the new book.

Moving over to DC we'll start off with Batman and Robin #14. Definitely starting to warm up to Frazer Irving's art. While I still don't love it his panels of the Joker, Black Mask, and Professor Pyg are really eye catching and iconic. Morrison's story is still my favorite part of this book and keeps me coming back for more each month. How he has Dick filling Batman's cowl, just nails the character spot on for me and can't wait to see how he handle's Bruce's return.

Changing birds we have Red Robin #16. Still my favorite bat-book and character, Fabian Nicieza and Marcus To have really been doing great things on this book. The core of Tim Drake to me is that he is constantly growing, most of the time it is emotionally with all that he goes through but his skills and plans are right up there as well. Nicieza creates a perfect story atmosphere for this while To art shows it perfectly. Probably the most under-rated bat-book as well, so if your a bat fan and not reading it please give it a chance. Looks like #17 in two months will make for a good jumping on point *hint hint*.

Switching gears and going all intergalactic planetary we have Green Lantern #57, a Brightest Day tie-in. Art is still amazing! Mahnke pencils are being handled very well by a team of inkers to bring us this vibrant book each month and it is well worth the price for that alone. Johns story while still pretty good has been waning a little bit in this title but I am holding out hope that it could really change right back around any issue now.

Moving on to the shining star of Brightest Day, we have Justice League: Generation Lost #9. If you've been reading the blog, you know I love this title. Great humor, characters, story, and art all in one team book. While a lot of DC team's have been sliding off my pull list, this one is standing firm at the top. If your in the same spot, fill the gap with this book. You won't regret it.

Last book of the DCU this week is Booster Gold #36. A great companion read to Generation Lost (sharing a main character and all) this one delivers on a lot of the same cylinders but goes delightfully over the top on the humor. Probably starting to sound like a broken record, but this is yet one more super hero book you should be checking out.

From Bongo Comics we have Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #3 of 5. Classic Simpsons art with some great nerd humor. Still not as memorable as the first issue but descent enough to finish out the mini.

First Vertigo book of the week is American Vampire #6. Shifting the locale a bit from the first arc but Scott Snyder is still delivering in the story department. Rafel Albuquerque's art is great as always. Strange deaths begin happening in the growing Sin City of Vegas in the 1930s and newly appointed police Chief Cashel McCogan is hot on the trail (that is an awesome character name by the way.) It does feel a little shorter with out a co-feature from King but I am Snyder will have us all forgetting about those days in no time at all.

Coming it at runner up this week is Kill Shakespeare #5. Still loving everything about this book! Despite not knowing the in depth stories of all Shakespeare's characters, this book manages to present enough of them for new readers to get the character and still enjoy the book. Andy Belaner's art flows seamlessly from panel to panel, demanding your attention until the last page. I think this book would look even better in a slightly over-sized hardcover collected edition, hope one of those comes out soon.

Last and best is the pick of the week, Daytripper #10 of 10. In this final chapter of Bras' life Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba leave us and him with the perfect ending. While I hate for this book to end, all great things must at some point and I am glad the book did hear. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a comic this much every single time it came out, as evidenced in being my pick of the week every time its available. Now to start the wait for the collected edition which I am sure I will be buying in mass to give out to people. If you still have managed to some how not check out this book, GET ON THAT!!!

Well that is it for this week, a little later than normal but I think the massive size allows for that. Be sure to comment with and thoughts, critiques, or recommendations. Always up for trying out new comics.

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