Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 11/10/10

Its that time of week once again, where one can enter their local comic shoppe and be treated to the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes(?) of new comics. Here are the books that I checked out from last week that you might be interested in: (Yeah, they are one week old but their still so cute at that age)

First up, we have Marvel's Avengers: The Children's Crusade #3 of 9. Continuing the quest of Scarlet Witch's possibly re-incarnated children (the two Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed) to find her, this issue finds Quicksilver and Magneto jockeying for leadership and trust of the children and reveals where Wanda is. Still really enjoying this limited series. While the presentation of Wolverine seems a bit over the top, everyone else is spot on especially Quicksilver and Magneto. Allan Heinberg (the writer) and Jim Cheung (the penciler) are truly showing they can handle the rest of the Marvel Universe with the same skilled that have handled the Young Avengers.

Jumping over to the Ultimate Marvel U, we have Ultimate Thor #2. Continuing to unveil the history of the Norse god, this issue sees the Asguardians celebrating their victory over the Frost Giants in ancient times with gladiatorial games and the beginning of the Frost Giant's revenge (led by Zemo) years later during WWII. I'm enjoying the triple narrative in this title, even if it gets a bit confusing here and there. Judging by the ending of this one, some epic battles will be taking place next issue that should be a spectacular sight to see.

Heading over to DC, we have one of my favorite comic double features of Justice League: Generation Lost and Booster Gold. In JL:GL #13 Magog and Captain Atom mix it up in a battle that's sure to leave a mark on the city while Max Lord continues to pull the puppet strings. Said it many times before but I'm really digging this book. The art, story, and humor are doing it for me on all levels and I feel like I can never wait for the next issue. Judd Winick and friends are keeping this one of my favorite team books.

Over in Booster Gold #38 (the tie-in for those not in the know is that Booster is a member of JL:GL) Booster is taking care of business and knocking out Nazis! Rani, the young girl Booster saved from the distant future a few issues back) steals a time machine and goes back in time to WWII with a special mission in mind. Another fantastic issue from the team of Griffen, DeMatteis, Batista, and Perrotta. If your looking for a fun super hero book with hi-jinks and hilarity you can't go wrong with either of these two.

Next up is Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #5 of 5, finally the final issue. While the initial issue showed a lot of promise, the mini-series quickly deteriorated into length jokes that didn't pay off and the occasional one-liner that barley got a ha. The issue wraps up this sorted tale of course revealing the not so final fate of our favorite Android's Dungeon shop owner. If you were waiting for a collection of this, I highly recommend you just skip it all together.

Heading into the Vertigo books we have The Unwritten #19. Tommy and crew begin their search for their own personal white whale while Mr. Pullman drafts a new recruit in his quest to end Tommy's story once and for all. Another solid issue of this comic and Mike Carey and Peter Gross show no signs of letting up. If your still not reading this series do your self a favor and pick up the first trade paperback collection.

Taking a trip out to the early days, and also from Vertigo, we have American Vampire #8. Police Chief Cash McCogan finds out exactly who his visiting federal agents while tracking down the dying off investor's in the dam and Pearl Jones, back in California, is visited by similar agents. Scott Snyder (the writer) and Rafael Albuquerque (the artist) consistently present an awesome vampire story that doubles as a great period piece.

Lastly and pick of the week, we head back to DC for Red Robin #17. An epilogue to "The Hit List" arc, this issue follows Red Robin as he touches base with various allies. This issue does a great job of showing who Tim Drake has become since donning the Red Robin persona, in how he deal with the aloof former Batgirl Cassandra, the part temptress/possible enemy Lynx, and his mentor Batman back in action. Hint Hint: With this chapter coming to a close Issue #18 would be a great spot to jump on the title.

That's it for this week. Usual routine, comments of any kind are appreciated below. Now to get to reading this week's books (I actually already started you can look forward to an interesting creation of Holy Water.)

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