Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 10/20/10 & 10/27/10

Are you ready to experience possibly the most comics ever reviewed in one post? If not, I recommend you come back at a later date with your favorite drink and snack item because reading this post will challenge you right down to your soul! Or you could just skim it and read about the series you care about. With out further ado, here is my thoughts on 19 recent comics most coming out in the last two weeks.

Books from 10/20/10

We start off in the DCU with Batman and Robin #15. Still enjoying Grant Morrison story and the way he handles Dick, Damien, and the Joker. Frazer Irving's art has continued to grow on me and while it certainly is my favorite, I can see its value to the way this story is being told and respect its use. A lot of his panels almost seem perfect for a poster but at the same time that some times distracts from them fluidly moving the story. If you enjoy Morrison's stuff and are interested in the new Batman and Robin, this book won't disappoint.

Staying with in the Bat-family but skipping a number of years into its possible future we have Batman Beyond #5 of 6. Can't say much about this book I haven't already. Really enjoying both Adam Beechen's writing and Ryan Benjamin's pencils. It may be a bit formulaic, with this penultimate issue answering most questions to prepare for the action packed finale but that doesn't make it any less fun. Definitely a must read for any fans of the TV series but still accessible to those that haven't seen an episode.

From the shadows of current and future Gotham City, we move over to Brightest Day #12. Not the best issue, in my opinion, mainly due to focusing to much on just Martian Manhunter. I don't hate the character but usually find it some what of a task to read a comic mostly about him. Art is still great and the other bits of story were good, just hope they return to a more balanced act in future issues.

Also under the Brightest Day banner this week we have Green Lantern Corps#53. This issue starts a new arc, The Weaponer, and looks to be a good jumping on point for the series. I am big fan of the book, mainly due to getting my Kyle Rayner GL fix from it, and this looks to be the start of something good. The combined efforts of Tyler Kirkham's pencils, Batt's inks, and Nei Ruffino's colors work wonder's in a Green Lantern color scheme. I do have one slight reservation that the story might try and undermine one of my favorite character's development over the years. Hopefully I end up worrying for nothing but I don't know how any GL fan could say no to next issue anyway, with it looking to be an all out battle between Kyle and Sinestro.

Moving over to Marvel books we have Ultimate New Ultimates #4 (I hate typing that title.) Thor's return to the mortal world breathes a little life into this story that has relied on senseless action and Frank Cho's fantastic art to get it off the shelves. Definitely more interested in checking out the next issue of this series more than I have been for the last few, but that isn't saying much. Can't recommend any new readers jump on but you can wait for when they inevitably either launch Ultimate New Ultimates 2 #1 or try to come up with a stupider title.

Hopping over to the regular Marvel Universe we have New Mutants #18. Another book where I have little to say about because I've said it all before. Love the characters, love the story, and love the art! Zeb Wells (on writing duties) and Leonard Kirk (providing the art) are consistently knocking it out of the park and if it weren't for a certain special that got pick of the week this would have easily beaten the rest of the field.

Heading over to Marvel's imprint Icon, we have Superior #1. While Superior didn't come out this week, its the first chance I had to pick it up and take a look. Written by Mark Millar with pencils by Leinil Yu, Superior follows young teen Simon Pooni. After having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, life hasn't been easy for him but that all changes one night when he visited by a magical monkey from space. Magic space monkey, Ormon, tells he he has been selected out of every one on the planet to receive the magic wish and before Simon can respond he is transformed into his favorite fictional hero, Superior. Overall, I enjoyed the book but still am not sure if I am going to pick it up regularly, or as regularly as an Icon book comes out. Leinil Yu is another artist whose work I don't like a whole lot, although I did feel it had some brilliant moments in this first issue. So for now, the jury is still out on this book.

Sitting snugly between my Icon books this week is Image's latest title Skull Kickers #2. Picking up right where the #1 leaves off this issue treats us to even more action, humor, and brilliantly lettered sound effects by Marshall Dillon. This title is perfect for anyone who enjoys a little bit of guns and guts mixed in with their medieval mayhem. Also, I believe this series is the first I've seen of both Jim Zubkavich (the writer) and Edwin Huang (the artist) and I am looking forward to more from this delightful duo.

Next up is my other pick up from Icon, Kick-Ass 2 #1. Still not exactly how I feel about this book as it left me quite torn. Part of me really enjoys some of the humor and the super hero team aspect of which this book is approaching while the other half dreadfully feels like it is just a vehicle for the powers at be to make a sequel to the film based on the first Kick-Ass. Probably going to end up grabbing the second issue but if I'm still getting the same vibe will end up dropping it.

Last up for books from the 20th is the pick of the week, Vertigo Resurrected #1. This is a 100-page anthology of short stories previously put out by Vertigo in other books, and it is stocked full of awesomeness. The talent on this one alone should be enough to get people to pick it up; including the like of Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Garth Ennis, and Peter Milligan just to name a few. Its honest been quite a while since I have picked up a comic containing short stories and thoroughly enjoyed each one. If by some chance of luck this is still on the shelves at your local shop make sure to pick it up, provided you can handle the adult nature of some of the stories.

Books from 10/27/10

Starting off with Marvel this time we have Ultimate Avengers 3 #3. Just above the other Ultimates book, in both content and ridiculousness of title, I have been mildly enjoying this book. Not sure if it is exactly what the creators were going for but it has a cheesy horror film vibe to it coming from both the cartoonish art style of Steve Dillion and the fact that every one is turning into a blood sucker. If your looking for pure comics gold like the first two volumes of The Ultimates, you won't find it here but this is an entertaining story set in that world.

Next up is Secret Avengers #6 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato. Now this is one Avengers books I am thoroughly enjoying. This issue kicks off a new arc, Eyes of the Dragon, and brings another recruit to the team Shang Chi. A covert team of heroes plot line-check, spectacular ninja fight scenes-check, bodacious heroines in skin tight and/or revealing clothing-check; this one has it all. If your not already picking up this book, I suggest you give this issue a try and you might just find yourself hooked.

Last book from Marvel this week is Uncanny X-Men #529. While I am still not crazy about Whilce Portacio's art it is serviceable and Matt Fraction's writing along with Terry and Rachel Dodson's covers are what is really keeping me in the book. Looking forward to the next issue to see how the book handles (presumably) the loss of the Hope storyline to the new Generation Hope series starting today.

Stepping away from the "House of Ideas", from Slave Labor Graphics we have The Royal Historian of Oz #2. For those not familiar with the title the cliff notes version is that its about a boy whose father desires to be the foremost authority on all things Oz, despite being ostracized by other "experts" on the subject. As it turns out, he travels to Oz and steals proof of its existence but needless to say this doesn't leave every one there to happy. This issue pick up from there with Ozites (sure, I'll call them Ozites) coming to our world. Still really enjoying the concept, story, and art of this book. It actually came out a few weeks back but my store didn't get theirs in until now, so hopefully I am preaching to the choir on this one.

Venturing back into the $1 trial books, I picked up the reprint of Hack/Slash #1. Not really a trial for me, since I have been getting into that world as of late but definitely a solid read for anyone interesting in checking out the title. Plus, who doesn't love a $1 price tag?

Rounding out the lesser known titles this week is Kill Shakespeare #6 from IDW. I will spare you all me going on again about how much I like this book, but just know that I do. The unique world Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col, and Andy Belanger have created borrowing some of The Bard's old favorites it truly fantastic. Also, for those waiting for collected editions I believe the first TPB of the series came out today, so be on the look out. A definite contender for pick of the week but it was just barley nudged out by another favorite I will get to later.

Starting of a stellar set of DC books this week is Teen Titans #88. This issue brings the much anticipated (from me at least) creative team change to J.T. Krul writing and Nicola Scott on pencils, and I think they knocked it out of the park. It reminds me a bit of Johns run which I really enjoyed but I can tell its going to have its own flair with Ravager and "Robin" joining the team. Also, think I am in love with the way Nicola, along with Doug Hazlewood (the inker) and Jason Wright (the colorist), give each location its own unique feel. I don't have one bad word to say about this book, looks like Teen Titans will remain on the pull list for the foreseeable future.

Next up is Bruce Wayne: The Road Home-Ra's al Ghul one-shot. Picked this up for two reason the first being that I enjoy Ra's as a character and the second was too see how it tied in to and/or stood on its own from the other BW:TRH one-shot I read. Have to say it was a success on all fronts. It tells an interesting Ra's tale that could be read with out any other books but also ties into what Bruce Wayne is coming back to. Reading this one is really getting me thinking about picking up some of the other one shots in the series.

Last, and certainly not least, is the pick of the week; Justice League: Generation Lost #12. Those familiar with my blog should see it as no surprise since I have gushed about almost every issue of the series on here. This issue focuses on Ice, adding a bit of her past into the current story line. While I have never been her biggest fan, I love the way Judd Winick gives some of her history in brief to newer readers, of which he did the same for Captain Atom in an earlier issue. I know he as a writer is real hit or miss for some readers, but I think he has only brought his A-game to this book.

Whew! Well that is all for the last two weeks of comics. Be sure to leave comments with what you thought on these books or others I didn't check out and don't be afraid to make a recommendation if you think I might like something based on these reviews. Next week looks to be short on issues but I hoping to check out some graphic novels and get those up on here. *fingers crossed*


  1. Those were some nice books you picked up. As soon as I figure out how to add my review to your blog I will. Untill then keep up the good work!