Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday Pickups 11/3/10

After last week's double post, this one is going to take a step back with only six books. The good news, however, is that all six were quality comics and well worth your money so lets get right to them.

First up is Marvel's first and my favorite avenging son, Namor: The First Mutant #3. Going on the offensive this issue, Namor and his Royal Guard take the battle to the Aqeuos (basically vampires under the sea, fun fact: they first appeared in deleted scenes from The Little Mermaid.) Their plan to ultimately deal with the vermin hits a snag however when a familiar face shows up. All in all, another solid issue of this series. Like I've said before I am really digging the way Stuart Moore is writing Namor as not just an eternally pissed off ruler. In perfect compliment, is the art from Ariel (resisting a second little mermaid reference only because this dude's art rocks) Olivetti and a few pages from Fernando Blanco. If your not reading this book, at least give it a flip through at the shop to see how awesome they handle drawing an underwater world.

Sticking with Marvel we have the final issue of a series I hope returns soon, Hawkeye & Mockingbird #6. When we last left this Bonnie and Clydesque couple they had decided to call it quits and head there separate ways; this issue goes into why they made that decision and whether it was the right one. Another book I've talked about in length here before, I just wish it didn't have to end so soon. Jim McCann (writer) and David Lopez (penciler) were really hitting a nice stride with the characters. Originally they were going to continue the series with #7 and #8 crossing over with Black Widow but it appears that was changed to both titles pausing for a mini-series titled Widowmaker. Not entirely sold on picking it up yet, but if McCann is writing I probably will.

Moving over to the distinguished competition, we have DC's Brightest Day #13. Now I know I harped on this book last issue for focusing on only one story line, hoping they would go back to spreading the panel time, but this issue really pulled it off in my opinion. Staying off world, like of Mars last issue, this time Hawkworld is the location with Hawkman and Hawkgirl taking center stage. Its probably just because I care about the main characters a bit more than Martian Manhunter, but this issue definitely brought me back into the book. Looking forward to next issue, with the possibility of certain caped crusader donning a white ring!

Speaking of caped crusaders, next up is Batman and Robin #16. Bruce is back, Dick has been shot in the head (giggle), Damien is still tearing sh*t up, and the final mysteries of Doctor Hurt's past are revealed! Everything Grant Morrison has been working to so far pays off leading into the next era of Batman, he's plans to go corporate and my resume is already in the mail. Art was great as well this issue with Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham, and Frazer Irving all turning in pages; Irving's art was a lot more enjoyable in a smaller portions than running the length of the issue as in the past few. While I won't be picking up to many Batman Incorporated titles, I will be staying on Batman and Robin for a while to see what's in store for Dick and Damien.

Next up is America's favorite, new, red headed, rebel with a cause; Scarlet #3. Picking up right where she left off, Scarlet plans to further expose the corrupt police responsible for her lover's young life cut short. Her handy work from last issue has been found and the powers that be are looking to speak with her, but they might want to be careful what they wish for. Think I've said it previously, but I'm loving this latest Icon title from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. The story and art just flow so smoothly and always leave one craving more. Still early in the series so I highly recommend you jump on this wild ride. It would have been my pick of the week but it was narrowly beat out by a comic that is no stranger to the top spot.

Pick of the week, even if I went by just covers, is Avatar Press' Crossed: Family Values #5. After the run in with the other beings that are still people, and I use the word lightly, last issue; the group holds up in a hospital for Hannah and Kate to each give birth. Still worried about their other brother Joesph, Addy and Matt head out to see if they can reach him before he gets to the hell that is New Paradise. I've said it before, I love this book even though most people would lose their lunch from viewing some of the images it contains. David Lapham (writer) and Javier Barreno (artist) continue to amaze me with this beautifully grotesque comic, not just with the unique ways of showing blood and guts but the way it examines humanity. I can't rightfully recommend this to every one, I would probably lose a lot of friends if I did, but if you think you can handle it, give it or the Crossed Vol.1 TPB a try. Just keep one thing in your mind while reading it, the Crossed do nothing humans haven't already done or still do.

That wraps another week of funny (or not so funny) pages goodness. Comments, critiques, and suggestions are all welcomed below. Now if you'll excuse me I hear some comics podcast calling my name. Check out Burnt Weiners and The Pull List, two awesome comics podcast. It's sort of like reading this blog except they're a lot funnier, more knowledgeable about the subject, and have crossed into the world of sound!

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