Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Pickups 3/9/11

We've got eight books this week with a nice variety, only half are superhero ;)

Starting things off we have X-Men: Legacy #246, Chapter 3 of Age of X. Legacy (Rogue) remains on the lamb from her fellow mutants and isn't the only one asking questions. Another solid issue in this x-over as Mike Carey's story builds naturally while Clay Mann's pencil's add the perfect amount of grit and grim to this dystopian future/alternate present. Maybe a little dialogue heavy in some places that were unnecessary but other than that no complaints and looking forward to more.

Rounding out Marvel books this week is Hawkeye: Blindspot #2 of 4. Clint starts searching for leads on who killed his former mentor, Trick Shot, while reminiscing about his early days in the Avengers. A descent issue that features some awesome flashback art done by Nick Dragotta and Brad Simpson but the ending "surprise" reveal felt too cliche and formulaic. Hoping Jim McCann manages to use it in an interesting way for the second half of the mini-series but it certainly isn't working for me yet.

Speaking of comics that ended terribly, our first comic from DC this week is Justice League: Generation Lost #21. Each member of the team deals with the death of Blue Beetle in their own way as they decide if they will continue their hunt for Max Lord. I love 95% of this issue (for you nerds out there, this is an actuate percent since I liked 19 of the 20 pages.) Judd Winick nails these characters motivations, which doesn't surprise me as he has been doing it the whole series. What did surprise me was the final page reveal, which I really dislike and for much of the same reasons as I dislike the ending of Hawkeye this week. There are very few ways I can see Winick turning this into something enjoyable but I'm still holding out hope that it won't ruin the rest of the series for me.

Last DC book of the week is Booster Gold #42. Booster appears back in the present, apparently having served his time in future. It was no trip to Cleveland, however, as he tells Rip and Michelle about his disturbing adventure with his cell mate, the Perforated Man. Still enjoying these wacky time tales from Giffen and DeMatteis, even if this issue had a little less humor than usual. Looking forward to the fallout of what was revealed here especially as it relates to the partnership between Booster and Rip.

From Avatar Press we have Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #3 of 4. The captured constable gets a little tour of the island but all hell breaks loose as Brock, the bow-street runner, discovers their location. While I still like the mini, the break between issues really killed any momentum it had going. When the last issue comes out I'll try to sit down and read them all at once, betting it has a lot better flow that way.

Heading over to Image's Shadowline brand we have Twenty-Seven #4 of 4. Will Garland meets up with the mysterious forces that set him on his current path and, surprise surprise they don't get along. Overall I enjoyed this mini series. Its art, done by Renzo Podesta, is consistently interesting while the story done by Charles Soule was oddly paced at some points but still fun to read. I know there is a second mini-series planned for the summer but I think I might pass on it as the ending here really didn't leave me looking for more.

Runner up this week comes from Th3rd World Studios, The Stuff of Legend Vol 2.: The Jungle Part 4. Concluding this arc Maxwell reveals his dark secret to the animal toys while Jester, Princess, and Harmony run into some old friends in the hunting grounds. Another fantastic issue from Mike Raicht, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III. Great art, engaging story, and unique characters (not just some Toy Story wannabees) make this a must read for me every time. Looking forward to the next volume, The Jester's Tale starting in the summer.

Pick of the week is once again a Vertigo Resurrected title, Finals #1 (a collection of the four issue Finals mini-series from 1999.) Written by Will Pfeifer with art by Jill Thompson, Finals tells the story of five seniors at Knox State University. All of them are working on their senior projects, and since KSU is known for pushing students harder than anywhere else each project is peculiar and more extreme than the last. This college tale of devolving men, out of control cults, and dead time travelers really did it for me as it nailed a lot college personalities (even ten years later) while still being fun and out there. Give a chance if you enjoy a good college romp or are digging the other Vertigo Resurrected books as much as I am.

That is it for this week. Next week should feature a fairly sizable stack but get ready to hear about all the awesome stuff I pick up at C2E2.

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