Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday Pickups 3/2/11

Not a huge week of books, but still some good ones mixed in with a bad one or two.

Starting things off we have Carbon Grey #1 of 3 from Image Comics. Blending the looks of steam punk and World War 1 Germany, this first issue introduces us to The Sisters Grey, former servants of the empire that have turned against it. For the most part I did like the art of the book; done by the team of Khari Evans, Kinsun Loh, and Hoang Nguyen it turns out sexy or bloody depending on the appropriate situation. The story on the other hand, I did not care to much for. It's predominately told through a convoluted narration that fails to stand on its own. I have a feeling it will read much better all at once, so I might wait and get the last two issues together or pick up a collected edition when it becomes available. For now, I would advise just skipping it.

Next is the issue number 4 of Uptight, created by Jordan Crane and published by Fantagraphics Books. Continuing the two stories of last issue, the drifting apart couple reach a conclusion while the children adventures with cat in tow fall deeper into the odd happenings at their school. Can't really say much more about this book that I haven't said already. Still really digging the stories and covers, but now begins the long wait for the next issue which judging by the dates on the previous ones could be more than a year!

From Radical Comics we get Earp: Saints for Sinners #2 of 5. Telling a little of the back story, this issue shows us how Josie and Wyatt first met as well as some of the initial problems the Earp boys got themselves into in sin city. Overall I didn't really enjoy this issue as much as the first one. The back story was tame and somewhat boring compared to the world we've already seen. Not sure if I'll continue the series just yet, but I really hope it gets back to form.

Heading over to DC we have Batman Beyond #3. Concluding The Heart of the Matter storyline, this issue features Batman and the Justice League battling this new Matter Master. The story wraps up nicely and Adam Beechen, the writer, even makes a point to show a little of how this book will differ from the show and that Terry has become a bit more of his own man. The pencils from Ryan Benjamin were good but did irk me in a few places. Also wanted to quickly mention the cool cover design from Dustin Nguyen, hope to see more of this on the book in the future. Looking forward to next issue which looks to feature every one's favorite spunky, confidant from the TV show, Max.

Rounding out DC, we have Brightest Day #21. Titled Mars Attacks this issue brings the Martian Manhunter's chapter to a close as he finally chooses between Earth and Mars. Really ended up enjoying this issue, even though some of the previous MM issues weren't my favorite. It also provides us with a little more insight as to what's happening to the people the ring is taking.Finally the art from Patrick Gleason, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado is once again great, leaving me anxiously awaiting the final few issues.

My only Marvel book this week, and runner up, is Ultimate Captain America #3 of 4. Steve Rodgers goes through a little bit of re-education at the hands of Frank Simpson, but is it enough to break the original super soldier's steadfast resolve? Really loving this mini series from Jason Aaron (writer) and Ron Garney (artist). This issue lets us get a bit deeper into Simpson's mind as well as the politics he represents. Reading over it again, it plays a little like Heart of Darkness and it should be interesting to see how Captain America comes out of all this.

Last up and obvious pick of the week is Joe the Barbarian #8 of 8. Joe's adventures in the real world as well as those in his hallucinations come to a head this issue as he combats the darkness of two worlds. Been anxiously awaiting this issue for a while, and it definitely delivered. Great art from Sean Murphy while Grant Morrison delivers a simpler and more emotional finale which I was not expecting but did enjoy. Looking forward to re-reading it when I end up getting all the issues sorted into one place. If you skipped it in single issue form, make sure to grab the collection when it comes out as I really think everyone can find something in this book.

That wraps up this week. Comments, critiques, or suggestions for future reading can be left below. Now if you'll excuse me I have this week's comics waiting for me already and they are sure to be a fickle mistress.

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