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Wednesday Pickups 3/16/11

Eight books again this week because I forgot to grab T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (and then after writing all this realized I missed another book which will be put in next week), which I'm starting to think I did subconsciously to make this a nice symmetrical group.

Starting off with DC, we have Brightest Day #22. Continuing it's string of character wrap up issues, BD #22 gives us the final showdown between Firestorm and Deathstorm. As usual the art is really good but the narrative just felt rushed compared to the others that have been ongoing here. There was one moving scene but the rest really felt like filler. That said, I am still looking forward to these last few issue of Brightest Day, if only just to see how all this white lantern hoopla ends up.

Continuing the DC double feature, we have Red Robin #21. Concluding The Rabbit Hole arc, Tim finds how Mikalek got the Uternet back online but taking it back might cost four innocent men their lives and minds. Despite the awkwardness of the Teen Titans cross over taking place during this arc, I really enjoyed how it ended up. Nicieza and To give us another action packed issue that still manages to build the characters involved. Pulling over time on this issue though, are Guy Major's colors that give it a really appealing and vibrant look.

Heading over to Vertigo, we have The Unwritten #23. Tommy's search for answers continues, this time from the inside of a whale with of some of literature's most famous whale prisoners keeping him company. Another great issue in this series, one that has yet to disappoint. Carey and Gross somehow always manage to answer a question not only with another question but with one that makes you reflect on the "answers" you've previously received. Almost as enjoyable as the issue itself, is the letters section in which Carey and Gross each discuss the departure of the book's editor Pornsak Pichetshote. A guiding force for the book since the beginning, his touch will definitley be missed as he moves on to other work.

From Image, we have Hack/Slash #2. Cassie and Vlad do battle with the revived Acid Angel while Cat Curio gets into a little scrape of her own back in Eminence, Indiana. More hot and sexy slasher action from Tim Seeley and Daniel Leister, this universe continues to be a fun read. Looking forward to more in the future and, eventually, digging in to the Vol. 1 omnibus I bought late last year.

Going back in the alphabet to Icon, we have Casanova: Gula #3. Zephyr Quinn kills her way to daddy dearest as we find out what Xeno's endgame with these assassinations is. Another great issue from Matt Fraction and Fabio Moon, featuring the former's confusing but enjoyable storyline and the latter's beautifully whimsical art. This series is just so crazy and out there that I consistently fail as trying to say why I like it, suffice to say that everyone should just go check it out. As usual, a contender for top book of the week but decided to go with something I will get to a bit later.

Moving into the home stretch with the Marvel books, we have Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull One-Shot. In current times Sin, the daughter of Red Skull, is tracking down a magical book that her farther used in the World War II era; Meanwhile, in flashbacks, we see the Red Skull using said book and being tracked by the Invaders. I've been debating with myself as to whether I want to pick up a lot of Marvel's next big event, and I have to say this prologue didn't really sell me on it. While the art looked great (pencils by Scot Eaton, inks by Mark Morales, and colors by Sunny Gho) the premise and the road it starts to venture down just don't grab me. However, if you are more into the Norse Gods in the Marvel U you might like where it's heading quite a bit more. As for me, I think I might pick up some of the X-related tie ins (big surprise there) and leave the rest on the shelf.

Speaking of X-Books, next up is Uncanny X-Force #5.1. Taking a break for the current story line, this perfect introductory issue to the team (hence the .1) treats us to X-Force getting a little revenge on Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers for their previous encounters. While I don't think it was the right move to put this out in the middle of another storyline, it is a great one off issue none the less. Remender continues his spot on (or subtle changing) of the character's personalities while Rafel Albuquerque (an artist who has been mentioned a lot here in conjunction with American Vampire) lets the blood and bullets fly with his spectacular art. If you've been hearing all the hype about Uncanny X-Force and are looking to give it a try, this is the issue for you.

Last up, and honest shocker as pick of the week, is Iceman & Angel One-Shot from Marvel. Back in the younger days, as still X-Boys that are wet behind the ears, Bobby and Warren end up spending Spring Break in New York but, as we all know, the Marvel U New York is never a boring place. Written by Brian Clevinger with art by Juan Doe, this comic is the perfect combination of humorous lines and old school, monster fighting artwork. If your a fan of these two X-men at all (confession: I am huge one) or just like to enjoy a classic, funny adventure every once in a while give this issue a shot.

That is it for this week's books but I should have a post soon about some of the stuff I checked out at C2E2 last weekend, so be on the look out for that.

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