Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming Soon: Rare Exports (2010)

Once again, thanks to Capone and the awesome people over at Ain't It Cool News, I got to check out another Oscilloscope Labs' film a few days before it hits most theaters and just in time for the holiday season, Rare Exports. A rare export in and of itself, this film from Finland tells the true story of Santa Claus.

Its December and for some strange reason an American excavation crew is digging around in the Korvatunturi mountains of Finland. What they find there, leads to one of the most enjoyable action/holiday comedies I have ever seen. Taking some of the original fables that old Saint Nick was based on, the film brings a "realistic" Santa to the modern world and you can be sure this old guy won't be doing Coke commercials any time soon. In addition to the fantastical and funny story the film features, it also doesn't slack in the technique department.

Boasting some awesome action cinematography and special effect scenes, no technical enthusiast will be leaving with coal in their stockings. The nice list also features some great dialogue which is equal parts hammy and hilarious.

Rare Exports is the perfect holiday film for the entire family* and while it probably won't be taking home any awards or accolades this year, it is one gift you need to share with your friends this holiday season. I personally really like it (giving it 4 out of 5 stars) and it is sure to be a film I'll be digging out at least once a year. To see when it is hitting a theater near you, click here.

*As long as your family is mature enough to see an R-rated comedy and can handle the truth about Santa ;)

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