Monday, December 13, 2010

Circle of Trust #4: Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

For those unfamiliar with this article series, it is where I review the DVDs I get as a member of Oscilloscope Laboratories' "Circle of Trust". For more info on Oscilloscope and the Circle of Trust check out there site located here. Their latest DVD release brings us one of the hottest and most talked about films from the Sundance Film Festival this year, Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Exit Through The Gift Shop took roots from one man's passion to film everything he saw, his discovery of the thrill of street art, and the subsequent journey those two things lead him on. In a quick description the film is a documentary covering the inside story of street art but one quickly realizes there is something more to it. Not content to just follow this man's journey or graffiti art, the film critiques and examines art in general as well as the modern art business that seems to be growing/corrupting world wide. Tackling all these subjects in one film is no easy task but the crew (the film is directed by the elusive street artist Banksy, edited by Chris King and Tom Fulford, and narration by Rhys Ifans) does a spectacular job blending it all together, creating not only a great film but a lasting piece of art about the fading world of it.

The DVD comes with a few extra features but isn't jam packed. Featuring deleted scenes, an early attempt at a graffiti documentary, a short based one particular street art show, and finally a short about the street art of the director Banksy. All of these give you a little more time in the world the documentary creates but aren't essential viewing. The DVD also comes with a few physical bonuses as well. In addition to the great inside art Oscilloscope normally features in a release, this film comes with 2 decals (for when you get that urge to start doing some street art), 2 postcards featuring art shown in the film, and a very special pair of 2-D glasses!

Final grade on the film is 5 out of 5 stars, a must see for fans of any art, and 4 out of 5 for the DVD itself, a really cool design that I think fans of the film will want to add to their collection but a commentary track from Banksy really would have made this a must own. Do not hesitate to check this film out as soon as you get the chance! Exit Through The Gift Shop should be available for purchase from the Oscilloscope site by the time you read this and available for instant streaming through Netflix. Check out the links below if you need any help finding it and leave a comment with your thoughts on the film, if you end up checking it out.

Buy the Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD from Oscilloscope Laboratories

Add Exit Through The Gift Shop to your Netflix Queue

Also if you dig around on Oscilloscope's twitter feed (@OscopeLabs) or find them on facebook, there might be a chance to win this DVD. Not going to make it to easy on you this time though ;)

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  1. Just watched this on the instant streaming last night, what a great movie. I love how it took me from "wow, this art is incredible!" to "oh, this is all complete bullshit!" in the span of five minutes once Thierry started exploiting the artform. It really makes you wonder what makes art art and if that is ever worthwhile. What does it all mean? Does it need meaning? Are these just a bunch of asshole punks? Maybe the answer is yes, but who knows or even wants to know anymore?!

    Great film.