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Wednesday Pickups 7/21/10

In an attempt to get back to a steady routine, going to knockout last week's books today and get this week's up on Thursday but I am sure something will throw a wrench in that plan somewhere. Without further ado, a much leaner stack than the last few weeks both in number and quality.

First up we have another one of DC's "After Watchmen... What's Next?" $1 reprints, Transmetropolitan #1. Decided to pick it up so I didn't only read superhero books this week and it is certainly pretty far from those. Brought to us by Warren Ellis (writer) and Darick Robertson (artist) Transmetropolitan focuses on a writer pulled back into the fray of the city and its politics from his secluded cabin he had grown quite a custom to. Not a bad book over all, art is good while the writing is a bit different from most of the Ellis' stuff I've read but maintains his intellect. The reason I don't think I will be picking up any more of it (at least not for a while) is its immense level of political and social criticism, which seems to almost suffocate any other aspect in it. I could definitely see myself picking it up at some point and enjoying the hell out of it but right now its just not what I am looking for in a comic.

Over in the Ultimate Marvel U, we have a double feature of Ultimate New Ultimates #3 and Ultimate Avengers 2 #5, and lets add ultimate to this sentence one more time just so I can assure myself the Guinness World Record. UNU has me torn. On one side I liked a somethings about it (the art, Valkyrie's back story, Hawkeye used the bow again) but on the other hand there was a lot I didn't like (a weird series of panels featuring preggo Hela, the generic regrouping after getting demolished last issue and elements like that, pretty much any conversation involving Danvers, etc). Feels like its getting harder and harder to justify this one to myself every month, probably going to make a decision after the next issue. UA2 is a bit better. Still interested in this Ghost Rider story but it definitely could have been a smaller arc because ts moving at a snail's pace! The characters are the big pull for me on this one, they just clash so well with each other you want to be around to see it. Only real complaint about the book (besides the stretching of the arc) is the look of Ghost Rider's last target. If you take a look inside the book you'll figure it out but lets just say demon variation is a good thing.

Shifting over to the 616 we have New Mutants #15, the first issue after second coming. Kicking of the arc "Fall of the New Mutants" we find the team going on a little vacation to rest and regroup after everything they went through. We find out they are not the only ones to recently return from limbo and that yet another person may have a bone to pick with Magick. Loved Leonard Kirk's art, that man can draw one hell of an mutated soldier, but a few of the main cast looked a bit wrinkled. Story is solid as well giving us a taste of where Warlock and Magick's minds are but I could use a bit more insight into the effects of Second Coming on Doug. Beers are downed and there may or may not be a drunken make out followed by the soldier's strike. I think this story could be a jumping on point for those who have been staying away from our favorite second class mutants*. (*Lame joke about them being Professor X's second class but depending on how you define each group that passed through Xavier's doors they could be anywhere from second to fourth.)

Jumping across town to the Distinguished Competition the Brightest Day banner strikes gain with a double feature. First up is Brightest Day proper #6. In this issue good ole detective JJ goes searching for "the other martian", our favorite odd couple pop some bubble gum while suffering a hangover, Deadman discovers something tasty to live for, and Mera spills her guts about her people and their hatred for the Atlanteans. I know I have been down on this book for being slow but I think it is coming into its stride. Sure we still aren't getting every character in every issue but you don't miss them to much and some of these developments are really getting interesting. Art is still awesome, this week showcasing a nice panel of "the other martian" feasting and a splash page of Arthur and Mera's life together. Looking forward to the next issue and hopefully them getting to Osiris at some point. Next is JSA #41, part 2 of the JSA/JLA crossover. Mark Bagley's art is good, has a sort of classic JLA feel in my opinion. Robinson's story on the other hand brings to mind the image of a bar bathroom on a weekend night. With the big casts of both books its hard to really get much enjoyment out of the few panels most of them get and the one word balloon they get to put their view in perspective, except for Wildcat who got a good couple pages at the beginning. Going to flip through the next chapter at the shop but I am betting I will take a pass.

Finally we finish off with two DC books utlizing characters from THE FUTURE!!! First is Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1 of 6. Good art and while I am a big fan of Booster Gold and Rip, I am going to wait for the rest of this in trade paperback if I ever get it. Rip is the only character that seems interestingly written in the book, even Booster who Dan Jurgens (the writer) has experience with seems one dimensional. Add that to it being $3.99 an issue and it has been put on the back burner. Lastly is Batman Beyond #2 of 6, my pick of the week. Kept the awesomeness of last issue moving at full steam with the addition of a new Catwoman and explanation of how Hush "died". Art is keeping it up as well, with the flashback fight between Bruce and Hush and the future day Catwoman and Terry's ariel show hold your gaze steadily. Like I mentioned before I am probably a little biased because I love the characters and era but this mini-series is all kind of sweetness.

That is all for this week, not as great as the last few but still some gems in there. Usual routine, leave any comments or suggestions below. What book do I need to check out that hasn't made an appearance yet? Hoping to get some game and tpb reviews up soon, so be on the look out for those.

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