Friday, July 16, 2010

In Theaters: Inception

(Disclaimer: I pretty much love everything I have seen directed by Christopher Nolan or starring Joesph Gordon-Levitt so when they got together I was destined to love it. For the reader's sake I will try to keep my man-love in check for these two artists.)

"With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself
Where is my mind?" - The Pixies

Let me begin by saying I have been looking forward to this film since the credits rolled the first time I saw The Dark Knight, which with a little quick math comes out to be a day short of two years, and it did not disappoint. Christopher Nolan bring us yet another fully realized (or not quite fully realized depending on your point of view) vision that lures us into the enchanting land of dreams and movie magic.

The premise, a mind thief named Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) goes into people's dreams and steals their ideas or secrets to be sold to the highest bidder. A skill that proves to be an immensely popular in the corporate world and nets very good returns until he is caught by a mark and persuaded into a job that could bring him the thing he wants most in the real world. While that may sound a little vague it is intentional in that I am trying to avoid spoiling anything. I found the narrative to be captivating as it kept me glued to the screen just as much as the moving pictures. The one thing I could have used more of was supporting character back story, but with the moving clocking in at about two and half hours that might have been pushing it. (Although I think there is a prequel online comic somewhere that might deal more with their stories.)

Getting to the characters, acting was great across the board. DiCaprio and Joesph Gordon-Levitt deliver the excellent performance I have to come to expect of them while Tom Hardy, Ellen Paige, and Marion Cotillard (rounding out the major players) also contribute fine performances to the film. The stars that truly shined in this one though, were probably behind the camera.

Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects, and Sound are all great! The perfect blend of all four comes in the hallway/van scene (you'll know which one I'm referring to while your watching but it is also pictured in the poster at the top of this review) which I could watch all day. More variation in shot type would have been welcome to see the world from every angle but the amount and types of camera movement more than made up for it.

Overall, I have to give this one a 5 out 5 for how much I enjoyed it as an intelligent summer blockbuster. Easily the best of the year so far but we will see if it holds up to the November Oscar-bait, maybe Nolan will get some Academy recognition. So go see it and let me know your thoughts and opinions below.

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