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Wednesday Pickups 6/30/10

A bit of a delay in getting to this weeks reviews up due to a shifted work schedule, picking up a few more books than I expected, and the time suck Blur has become on my life. So with out further ado, the awesome camera-phone photography you read these posts for:

First up is the latest $1 preview comic from Radical, After Dark. A dark futuristic world is the setting for this book (think Bladerunner with a dash of The Fifth Element) where two uneasy allies are partnered up to track down a mythical "Angel". I will probably be passing on this one when it comes out regularly though, while the art was cool, especially the clash of darkness and light, the story just wasn't doing it for me. Although I do love these $1 previews from Radical so I hope they keep making them.

Next is Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #2 out from Avatar. A bit of a let down from the first issue but it is hard to compare them with the lengthy gap in between. Art is still great with some breathtaking electrical pirate ship panels from Raulo Caceres. The story on the other hand seems to drag in this issue. While we get a little more background on Captain Swing and what he is doing ultimately nothing else really happens. Since the miniseries is already half way through I am going to keep picking it up in issue form but, I am betting it reads better in one sitting. So if your on the fence about this one, I would recommend waiting for the trade.

Jumping over to Dark Horse we have Star Wars: Dark Times #17, the final issue of the Blue Harvest arc and apparently for the year. I have been really enjoying Mick Harrison (the writer) and Douglas Wheatley's (the artist) work on this book. This issue is on par with rest of the series, the only think I didn't like about it being it was essentially turned into a season finale type thing with Dass Jennir's final fate still to be revealed and the book not continuing till next year. Hopefully the wait will be worth it but, I am a sucker for a Jedi tale in a republic-less universe.

In the Marvel U we have two books that are part of The Heroic Age, Secret Avengers #2 and Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1. Despite not being really interested in any of the new Avenger lineups Secret Avengers is really pulling me in. All of the team (except for Valkyrie, don't know anything about her) are bring something to Brubaker's story. The art is not to shabby either although I have to ask why everyone else wears air tight space suits and Beast's extremities are exposed? ;) Probably going to be picking this one up for the foreseeable future. Hawkeye and Mockingbird is a book I didn't plan on picking up but am ultimately glad I did. Seeing Hawkeye back in the purple and blue was making it rain was a treat and beautifully done by David Lopez. I am looking forward to see what this book does with the characters, granted I don't know all the ins and outs of their relationship but the the backup feature telling summarizing their adventures was pretty good.

Starting off a DC quintuple feature we have Teen Titans #84. Overall I am losing interest in this book. While the art is still pretty descent, the under water panels being especially well done, the writing and characters are just not keeping me interested. I am not dropping it immediately but all of this on top of the $3.99 price and a back up story I really don't care about, Teen Titans is getting closer to the chopping block.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Justice Society of America is going to keep me coming back for more. Issue #40 is the conclusion of Fatherland and while it ended in true alternate history fixing fashion the ride was enjoyable and it should play interestingly into the upcoming JSA/JLA Crossover. The major change in Obsidian personality somewhat seemed odd to me but I am going to see where it goes before writing it off entirely.

Speaking of the JLA/JSA crossover, I picked up the first issue (Justice League of America #46, a Brightest Day tie in) which seems odd when read immediately after JSA #40. Obsidian and Green Lantern are MIA while this Star-heart that has crashed to earth is messing with all magical and elemental begins causing them to act irrationally. This is the first time I am seeing the new team in action since all the younger heroes took over the show and while I do like the line up (big fan of Supergirl and Jade especially) it just doesn't seem like the JLA with none of the big heroes on it (Grayson-Batman doesn't count.) Mark Bagley's pencils handle the action, characters, and green constructs quite well. Hopefully the crossover features some moments making me see the kids as the JLA.

The other Brightest Day tie in of the week is Green Lantern #55. Hal and the other Lantern heads are forced up against Lobo ensuing in an issue long battle that is a joy to look at. Not a big fan of Lobo but I really dig the story aspect of him coming after Atrocitus, not to mention it enable us to witness a battle between Lobo's dog and the red lantern cat Dex-starr (who's origin is revealed in short back up tale.) All in all a good book that is giving me more interest into this New Guardians Arc.

Lastly, pick of the week goes to Batman Beyond #1 of 6. Loved everything about this book! (Note: I was a big fan of the cartoon so I maybe somewhat biased.) Finally more of Terry, Old Bruce, and Neo-Gotham which has been in short supply since the television series ended. Adam Beechen writing gives the book a very familiar feel from the show while Ryan Benjamin's pencils give neo-gotham and the boys a fresh look. Add in a cameo from The Mad Hatter and a surprising choice for who seems to be the main villain of the mini and I am sold on all of them. Hopefully the mini will be enough to get a series going.

That is it for this week. Feel free to leave any comments, critiques, or suggestions below. No other pickups this week but I did finish 45 so be on the lookout for my review of that.

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