Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Pickups 1/19/11

Very small stack this week but still some good comics, so lets get to it:

First up is Brightest Day #18. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are finally free of the curse but their troubles aren't over yet as the latter's mother now battles them with the Zamaron's entity. Back on earth, Boston's ring's power level begins rising and it isn't necessarily a good thing. Another good issue from the BD crew, that offers both touching and heart-breaking moments. Don't want to get into spoilers on exactly what happened but this will definitely be remember as one of the key issues of the series.

Only other DC book this week, as evidenced by the symbol covers above, is Green Lantern Corps #56. The Sinestro Corps show up to the party on Qward, and things get a little dicey trying to maintain the truce between them and the GLC. More spectacular art from Tyler Kirkham while Tony Bedard's story keeps things fun read. Nothing really new to say about the title but its maintains its high quality month in and month out.

Heading over to Image, we have Memoir #1 of 6. Written by Ben McCool (great name) and illustrated by Nikki Cook, this mini-series follows jaded journalist Trent MacGowan as he goes on assignment to investigate the small town of Lowesville. What makes Lowesville so special? Ten years ago everyone in town had a mysterious lapse in memory and Trent is here to find out why. I really like the premise but the comic just seems ok and doesn't really live up to it. Going to pass on the rest of this mini but if I ever see it collected and on sale, I might give it another try.

Branching into the Marvel creator-owned imprint, Icon, we have Scarlet #4. Scarlet pulls the trigger on this revolution and takes to the streets, first the digital ones and followed by the real ones. Meanwhile, the police are hot on her trail but in no hurry to bring her in alive if you catch my drift. Another solid issue from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, sort of like a modern-day V for Vendetta that feels believable. Really recommend checking out this title for the rable rowser deep inside everyone.

Part two of our Icon double feature is Superior #4. Madeline Knox, star television reporter, does everything short of dancing naked in the street (much to this reviewer's dismay) to get an exclusive interview with Superior but does she take one-fatal step to far? Still enjoying this book, while I don't necessarily agree with its advertising tag line of "The Best Book On The Stands" it is an enjoyable read.

Last up and pick of the week is Cyclops #2 of 8 from Archaia, making it 2 for 2 on taking the top spot. New recruit Douglas Pistoia gets into the thick of things on his first mission out, causing the nation (and the CEOs counting on him as a symbol) to hold their breath. Loving this book from Matz (writer) and Luc Jacamon (illustrator.) Its balance of battlefield action and home viewer response/television host critiques makes for a great read. Looking forward to the 6 remaining issues and if you haven't checked this book out yet do so immediately.

That is it for the week, not the greatest one but not the worst either. Usual routine; questions, comments, or critiques can be left below or sent to me at Next week features a ton of mutant books and a certain fantastic four issue that is making headlines.

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  1. Nice. I really wanna check out Cyclops. Heard lots of good things about it...