Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Pickups 1/12/11

Great week of floppies, so lets dive right into them:

Kicking it off is Justice League: Generation Lost #17. Max now has Blue Beetle, and given his track record on having someone with that name in his possession, it doesn't look good. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang tries to track him down only to get a visit from an old friend who was definitely built for speed and comfort. Another solid issue from Winick and crew, that gets into what Max has been planning but doesn't give it all away just yet. Next issue, looks to be a battle of DC heavyweights and I for one can't wait to see.

Moving right into it's solo character connected title, we have Booster Gold #40. Titled "The Life and Times of Michael Jon Carter", this issue examines the high jinks of Booster through the eyes of one of his recent enemies. From his lackluster beginnings up through his "cash for Gold" days, this issue presents a fun re-telling of his origin but also manages to begin a new story. Bang up job by Keith Griffen, J.M. DeMatteis (writers), Pat Olliffe, and Rich Perrotta (artists) who manage to create a great jumping on point for the title as well as tackle an issue of Booster's past that seems obviously overlooked through out the years (or at least to my limited knowledge.) If you've been thinking about giving the book a try, now is the perfect time.

Taking a break for a friendly meal, we head over to Red Robin #19 (Yum!) Tim and the gang wake up in a world that isn't quite right, granting the readers a chance to dive in and take the Red Robin pill. Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Marcus To bring us a wonderfully whimsical issue that is certainly one of their best yet. Even if your not a regular reader of the title, you may want to give this issue a shot as it is a slice of golden age fun set in the modern DCU.

Last up from DC is T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #3. This issue tells the back story of NoMan, the invisible/immortal member of the original T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, who has come out of retirement for this rescue mission. Making him out to be part Dr. Manhattan and part The Vision, Nick Spencer (writer) and Cafu (artist) give us another wonderful issue of this series that examines what is sure to happen when "people" like that live long enough. Looking forward to next month's issue, which I have a sneaking suspicion will focus on the new Lightning.

First and only book from the Marvel universe this week is Widowmaker #3 of #4. Mockingbird and Dominic Fortune infiltrate a Russian army base while Black Widow and Hawkeye go the more traditional route of intel gathering and hit up a Japanese Geisha brothel. A descent issue, that had a few laughs and cool moments, but overall I have been less impressed by this mini-series the more I see of it. Still going to pick up the final issue but not really expecting a whole lot out of it and would definitely recommend passing on the series.

From Image comes Hack/Slash: Me Without You one-shot. Featuring great art by Daniel Leister along with Tim Seeley's awesome narrative, this comic tells the tragic origin of Vlad right up until the moment he first met Cassie and became her slasher killing partner. The perfect companion piece to the recent My First Maniac mini-series, this great one shot gives just the right amount of personality and history to the character without over doing it. While it might be more enjoyable for fans of the Hack/Slash series, I think it can still be fun for those new to the book or who have never read it.

Runner up this week comes from the Marvel imprint Icon, Casanova: Gula #1. Starting another chapter in this wacky/sci-fi spy world, writer Matt Fraction (along with artist Fabio Moon this time) brings us almost more absurdity than a reader could handle. Almost. After a mission gone wrong (maybe?) Casanova Quinn is missing in time and everyone, including a sexy sometimes six-armed blue woman from the future, is looking for him. Meanwhile, his alternate reality sister, Zephyr makes new criminal friends who have some sweet digs and hair styles. Its is hard to explain what exactly I love about the Casanova books but a big part of it is Matt Fraction's bravado to make the story whatever he wants it to be, most of the time fighting against a sensible narrative. In addition to that, it is consistently well drawn (whether by Gabriel Ba or Fabio Moon) and is the one comic that has me choking out "WTF?" in between the constant laughs. Normally I would recommend tracking down the first mini-series (and you definitely should at some point) before jumping into this one, but this series is so twisted you won't be much more lost than every other reader if you just start here.

Pick of the week goes to the latest comic from Image, The Infinite Vacation #1. This comic is about a guy named Mark, or many Marks depending how you look at it, as he sells and buys his way through the lives of his doppelgangers throughout alternate realities. Everything is going... well... not great but ok until suddenly a lot of the alternate Marks Mark has been start dying. This comic blew me away! Spectacular art by Christian Ward with a unique and bizarre story by Nick Spencer, this one has sunk its hooks in and is pulling me deeper into the rabbit hole as I write this and flip through it again. I think the advertisement that got me in called it a blend of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, (500) Days of Summer, and Inception which after reading it I completely agree with. So if you some how skipped this book last week make sure to pick it up this time, as we need awesome comics like this to sell through the rough.

That it for this week. Usual deal leave comments, critiques, suggestions either below or email them to me at Now if you'll excuse me I off to search eBay for an alternate reality Geek Lantern that is either shacked up with Tricia Helfer, Taylor Swift, or both.


  1. The DC covers are taking a lot of heat for being boring, but I for one think they are GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I like them but would have preferred a cooler theme for company wide covers like when marvel did those Age of Heroes variants or when the X-titles did the decade (80s,70s,60s) variants.