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Wednesday Pickups 7/13/11

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Kicking things off this week we have Marvel's merry mutants in New Mutants #27. Concluding the new creative team's (Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning on writing duties partnered up with Leandro Fernandez's art) first arc, this issue sees Moonstar's crew in an all out brawl with Sugar Man and his mutated henchmen. So far I am reallying digging the new direction Abnett & Lanning are taking the New Mutants, making them the clean up crew for all the threats to mutantkind the X-Men have let escape in the past. They have a strong sense of where the characters are coming from, which was a major concern for me due to my love of the first two years of this title, and are laying some interesting ground work for the future. Fernandez art, on the other hand, is not a strong selling point of the title. It lacks a certain amount of definition and complexity for my taste, leaving the book looking a bit cartoonish in heavy contrast to the threats their tackling. So if your looking for a good Mutant story and can tolerate sub-par art, check it out. If art comes first in your mind, you might want to take a pass.

NeXt up is the premiere mutant event of the summer, X-Men: Schism #1 of 5. Cyclops and Wolverine travel to an international arms control conference to petition a global ban on the mutant-hunting sentinels, but an old acquaintance shows up to give a different mutant perspective. Pretty good first issue, in my opinion, as Jason Aaron's story has got me hooked and waiting to see where he takes it.In contrast to that though, Carlos Pacheco's art isn't exactly my favorite, but it still proves to be serviceable and entertaining. While I'm not the biggest fan of one story having so many artists (each issue being done by a different one), I think Aaron's story is going to worth putting up with it.

Finishing up the Marvel books this week is FF #6. Departing from the friendly confines of Earth, this issue gives us a history lesson on the Kree and Inhumans, tellling us how their destinies have become intertwined. Staying with the trend of other Marvel books this week,  I liked the story but not so much the art. Hickman has been weaving an interesting tale going back to his time on Fantastic Four, and while this breaks from the current happenings of the Future Foundation figuring out how to defeat the alternate Reeds, it is enjoyable none the less. New (or possibly fill in) artist Greg Tocchini's art is alright, but feels a little rough and out of place in the sci-fi/spacey locales of this issue. Hopefully Steve Epting's pencils return soon, as their a much better fit.

Heading over to DC, we have Red Robin #25. Tim enlists an old ally in the final stages of the assassination tournament, but will she help him or claim victory herself? Another great issue from Fabian Nicieza and Marcus To, which just makes it that much sadder that this book won't be continuing in the DCnU. Hopefully Red Robin will make an appearance in there some where, but I will miss Nicieza and To behind the creative forces behind him.

Checking in with Flashpoint, we have Booster Gold #46. Booster's battle with Doomsday rages on and what chance does he have with no help coming? Another comic I am going to miss when DCnU rears it's ugly head, Booster Gold has been pretty stellar over it's run, and Dan Jurgens (the current writer) will be missed on the character. While this is a Flashpoint tie-in it can really just be read on it's own like another Booster story, so don't let that stop you from checking it out before its gone.

Rounding out the DC books is Teen Titans #97. The titans battle with Rankor concludes, leaving a few lasting effects on the team. While J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott's run hasn't been the worst, it has been dragging a bit as of late. The action and character moments have begun to feel more like filler than worthwhile entertainment. Interestingly enough, this is one of the few DC books I am reading that will be relaunched in the DCnU and I am interested to see what a new team can do with a different cast.

Just barley getting beat out by another Vertigo book, this week's runner up is The Unwritten #27. Tom Taylor, now with his father's journals in tow, begins looking into an early super hero comic that might be more powerful than it's Supermanesque protagonist. Continuing their awesome series, Mike Carey and Peter Gross keep this comic fresh and unique never letting it slide to just another book in one's pull list. I'm know most comic fans I talk to are already as hooked into this series as I am, but if your not this issue also makes for a good jumping on point.

Last up, and taking the top spot is American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2 of 5. Our two vampire hunting protagonists experience a rough landing, thankfully there are plenty of Nazis on hand to make them feel quite welcome. I love Sean Murphy's art on pretty much anything, and it works so well in Scott Synder's world of blood suckers! Can't wait for the next issue, and all I have to say to get you to read it is "Nazi Vampires".

That's it for this week. Next week there won't be too many comics I'm picking up but maybe I will get around to reviewing a book without pictures, or my back log of Oscilloscope films. Until then, try to keep your jealousy of people going to San Diego Comic Con in check by reminding yourself those people are probably packed wall to wall and are lying about how much fun it is.

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